The 100 Best Comic Book Covers

As a girl who loves comics and conventions and all things geeky, it’s easy to become a little tired of the same old sex-sells covers that seem to dominate the shelves, especially from Marvel. They feature women with impossible bodies standing around wearing next to nothing as their legitimately muscular and often armored male counterparts are shown doing actual superhero-worthy things.

Now I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with the attractive women (or men) of the comic world, but it’s a little annoying to see them portrayed as being so useless or just good for ogling. A truly powerful male character can be an absolute beast and get by, but God forbid a female not go out without massive breasts and very little clothing (neither of which would be likely on someone who worked out and patrolled the streets fighting crime). And this is why I’m pleased to see a female perspective on The 100 Best Comic Book Covers.

Sure, there’s bound to be a lot of cleavage and curves because there’s not anything else to choose from, but there’s also a lot of truly cool covers that show the best of the best depictions of both men and women from a ton of different books. Click any of the awesome covers below to read the full article!