Re-stock Alert! DC Universe Series 9 is BACK!

Back by popular demand, Series 9 of the DC Universe collection from DC Direct has been re-stocked and is back on our shelves. So if you were waiting on your favourite member of the series 9 crew, your time has come.

Wildcat, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Deadshot and The Flash are just a few of the figures in this collection of DC Heroes and Villains. Each toy comes with one piece of the massive Build-a-Figure. This time out, you can construct a terrifying rendering of the the toxic menace, Chemo. Doing so, of course, means that you will be joining the ranks of the most terrifying supervillains of all time, but as long as you’re prepared, we can supply you.

The one exception to the re-stock is the comic version of DC’s MANTIS. But never fear! Though he hasn’t yet arrived, we’re expecting a new shipment next week!