Middle-Earth Meets New York City!

This just in from the organizers behind the New York Comic Con (see our post about this year’s NYCC here): The Lord of the Rings is coming to New York, presented in the form of the first film’s score played live over the movie itself. But that’s not all! What’s even better is that fans are invited to take part in a number of ways outlined below. And maybe the best part of all? There are prizes: props, costumes and replicas will be given away over this 2-day event. If you’re in or near the city, don’t miss it!

On October 9th and 10th, Radio City Music Hall is hosting a concert experience unlike anything you’ve seen or heard — a live performance of the entire score to The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring beneath an immense projection of the film. Previously performed in London and Munich, the concert is now coming to NYC, and the combined effort of over 300 world-class musicians, it’s sure to transform a little bit of Manhattan into Middle Earth. For tickets and future information, please visit theradiocitylotrconcert.com.

And to help celebrate, New York Comic Con is hosting a series of contests and special events in the month leading up to the Radio City concert.

Photo Contest
Look at all that is familiar to you through the lens of Middle Earth, and photograph it. From The Shire and Isengard, to Helm’s Deep, Mordor, and the Eye of Sauron, take photos that are inspired by Lord of The Rings or depict locations or essentials of the story. Be subjective, be creative, and find Middle Earth all around you!

Fan Art Contest
With pen and paper, water color, oils, chalk, inks, or Photoshop, create a piece of art hearkening back to you favorite characters, locations, scenes, elements, or themes of the Lord of The Rings trilogy.

AintItCool.Com Contest
Gandolf the Grey bested the fiery Balrog with an amalgam of magic and ingenuity. How would you do against Balrog? How you fight the monster? In 1,000 words of less, let the good folks at AintItCool.com know! Be creative, be clever, and use proper spelling, and you could win tickets to the concert and more!