New Ame-Comi Figures from DC Direct!

To some, anime is the worst thing to happen to the comic book world, infiltrating it with an unwelcome aesthetic and rabid fanbase the non-manga-readers want no part of. But to others, anime complements the world of Western heroes and brings the characters to life in a completely new way while still maintaining the core sensibilities.

These are toys for the second group.

From DC Direct, we’ve got the Ame-Comi statuettes and figures, featuring the women of DC (oh, and Batman as the lone male) like you’ve never seen them before. Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Huntress, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and more! They’re all here in this deluxe collection featuring the work of some truly talented designers. Click the pics to take a look at the whole collection, but first, here’s one of the more recent figures featuring a wild revamp for the Dark Knight: