Batman vs. Superman

The DC Universe has brought us endless storylines that draw on the differences and similarities between their two top heroes, Superman and Batman. We’ve seen them as enemies, we’ve seen them as friends and we’ve seen their ups and their downs. Though there is a stark contrast between the shining boy scout that is Clark Kent and the brooding Dark Knight, they are united in the Justice League and as partners in the war against evil.

And, of course, the folks at DC Direct‘s toy lines have always shown a certain bias towards Batsy and Supes as the lead toys, focusing on them in their figures, statues and assorted collectibles. It is rare to find a line, from All Stars to the Deluxe collection, that doesn’t feature a character from either character’s lore. But for purists, check out these groups for a more character-focused look at Batman, Superman or the combined forces of both…

Of course, as I’ve already mentioned, the two don’t always see eye-to-eye. And that was the case very recently in New York, when the costumed heroes got into it with none other than the NYPD. MTV News reports…

Believe it or not, last week’s report that Ryan Reynolds will double up as both Deadpool and Green Lantern in upcoming films wasn’t the most bizarre superhero news of the week. That distinction goes to a story involving comic book heroes Superman and Batman.

In a turn for the truly surreal, the New York Post reports that the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight were handcuffed and arrested in Manhattan Friday evening after a brief skirmish with police officers — and, believe it or not, I’m only sort of joking.

According to the Post, a man in a Superman costume was parading around Time Square — right outside of Splash Page HQ, to be exact — before being confronted by a group of police officers. The man, identified as 23-year-old Maksim Katsnelson, allegedly punched a female officer in the face as she attempted to subdue the would-be crimefighter. A witness said that Katsnelson “freaked out” after being asked a series of questions by the police officer, thereby leading to the aforementioned fisticuffs.

The report also mentions that Batman himself — who we know to be Bruce Wayne (or possibly Dick Grayson) even if the article identifies him as Frank Frisoli — was arrested at the time of the altercation. This alleged Caped Crusader was stripped of his cowl and subsequently handcuffed to a lawn chair, rendering him helpless during his superhero ally’s rampage against New York’s finest.

When the dust settled, police decided to release Mr. Frisoli due to his lack of involvement in the altercation. Superman, however, wasn’t as lucky — though it took seven police officers to finally subdue the Krypton-born hero, according to one witness. The witness was unable to determine whether the police officers were outfitted with kryptonite-laced weaponry.

Well, I guess Lex Luthor branded these guys “Public Enemies” for a reason.

Naturally, there is video…