Transformers 2009 Toys

The movie Transformers 2 The Revenge of the Fallen was released at theaters on July 2nd and it’s still going strong. As part of the advertising you will be sure to see all kinds of Transformers merchandise at stores including action figures. Nothing beats the original line of Transformers toys but I get kids at the store asking me what is my favorite one….

It’s clearly Grimlock. Love ’em to death….who doesn’t love a Robot that can transform to a Dinosaur! It’s gotta be cool when Grimlock converts to a T-Rex. Most of the kids who don’t know much about Transformers then ask me where did he appear in the second movie….Never. Hopefully, he will be appearing in the third installment.

Based on the recent TF 2 movie, I would have to say that “Mixmaster” is a pretty cool Transformers. From cement truck to a Decepticon bad-ass Dude, I kind of like this toy.

At 8 inches, the Voyager Class represents the mid-range figures from Hasbro’s Transformers 2 movie toys collection. And Revenge of the Fallen brings with it a whole new line of characters, leading off with an epic new figure: The Fallen. One of only 13 original Transformers, the Fallen is the ultimate nemesis of Autobot leader Optimus Prime. He is the newest of the Transformers 2 Figures and provides an strange ally to those such as Demolishor, Starscream and Megatron, but a worthy for for Prime’s team. You can find all your favorite Transformers toys at