Prototype Game Play Video

prototype game

While waiting in line at Toys R Us to pay for a xBox Live points card….two kids approached me nervously.  They wanted me to be with them at the cash so they could purchase the Prototype game.   I was not sure what to do….flashback to the good ole days when I was too young to buy a blue mag.   What the heck…these kids need their fix of violence and debauchery…I was going to do it.  Stood there with them and realized these little dudes were forking over $80 (CAD) for this game (geez that is much more than the dirty rag mag I wanted as a kid).

Hit the local Blockbuster and rented the Prototype game….not bad….not great…but not bad.  Here is a video of the gameplay I found on youtube:

Neca Product Details:

Alex Mercer, an amnesiac with superhuman abilities which include increased strength, speed, and shape-shifting among others, fights his way through a dystopian New York City landscape, clashing with military forces as well as the monstrous effects of a mutated viral epidemic.

Incredibly detailed, this remarkable 7″ rendering of the genetically mutated shape-shifter will bring the game action to life in your living room.  You can purchase this action figure at:

Prototype Alex Mercer Figure