Upcoming Video Game Figures!

We’ve already checked out the new Halo figures in a previous post, and seen the Legend of Zelda, Gears of War and Prototype figures. But there are even more great figures on the way and we thought we’d take a look at two characters from brand-spanking new games and a new series for an old franchise! All of these can be pre-ordered now and will be shipping later on.


The protagonist of the incredible Dead Space, Isaac Clarke is the latest figure from NECA’s Player Select line. One of my favourite titles in recent years, Dead Space is a survival horror epic that brings together the undead, sci-fi and a strange almost Verne-style aesthetic, which is seen here in the rusted suit of the figure. The Isaac Clarke figure ships in July!


Already steeped in controversy (EA Games hired fake protesters to pose as Christians against the game in order to generate buzz), Dante’s inferno only launches in January of next year. But the Dante action figure from NECA can already be pre-ordered and will ship in 2009’s third quarter. He stands just over six inches and features brilliant sculpting and paintwork whose quality will hopefully be reflected in the upcoming game.


Finally, for anyone who’s been missing Solid Snake and the gang, the good news has come that the fifth series of McFarlane’s Metal Gear Solid figures is now available for pre-order. Like Dante, these guys ship in 2009’s third quarter. Boss, Raiden, Crouching Snake, Tiger Camo Snake and Vamp join the rest of the figures and are a testament to the kind of quality design McFarlane has proven it is capable of.