Protoype: Review + The New Action Figure!

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Prototype’s shape shifting is satisfying
By Blaine Kyllo

Prototype (Activision; PC, PS3, Xbox 360; rated mature) A dark and violent tale of conspiracy, Prototype tells the story of Alex Mercer after he’s become something other than a man.

Mercer, who is voiced by Campbell River–born actor Barry Pepper, wakes up in a New York morgue as an autopsy is about to be performed on him. After escaping, he discovers he has a new talent: he can consume people. When he absorbs them with a snarling mass of black tentacles, he takes on their skills, their abilities, and even their memories. This enables him to find out what’s happened to him and how he came to be a superhuman shape-shifter.

Taking on the appearance of people he’s consumed becomes a tactic for Mercer as he avoids capture and infiltrates military bases. But the city’s residents are being infected by a virus and transformed into bizarre, inhuman creatures, so Mercer also has to defend himself. This is best done not with firearms but with the weapons he becomes. He can turn his arms into vicious slashing weapons, for example, which make short work of attackers. As players progress, they are able to upgrade Mercer’s bizarre abilities.

Since Prototype is an open world, players can choose not only how they want to play but when to trigger side missions, referred to here as “events”. Completing the narrative only nets a third of the approximately 130 memories that make up the “Web of Intrigue” (a visual representation of the conspiracy), so players have good reason to stay in this chaotic version of New York a while longer.

Mercer’s ability to run fast, climb walls, and leap great distances makes travelling through Prototype’s Manhattan satisfying. You’ll be more than happy to stick around and wreak more havoc of your own.

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And for fans of the game, which is currently heading up the charts (#1 in the UK!), we’ve just gotten a brand new Alex Mercer action figure from the folks at NECA. And since it’s NECA, you’re sure to be impressed at the realism they’ve managed to capture in mere plastic. It’s a really stunning item and the detail is grand. Check it out below!