More details on Halo Toys featuring the Rookie ODST Figure

Halo 3 Action Figure Series 6 Medal Edition: Set of 6

McFarlane Toys is expanding its impressive lineup of figures and vehicles based on the Halo series with new additions from Bungie’s upcoming Halo 3: ODST.

Planned for release in October — the game hits September 22 — the Halo series 6 figure “The Rookie ODST” measures 6″ tall, comes packaged with an ODST medal and is probably going to be the best selling figure from this series.

The set features the following figures:

The Rookie ODST (featured above)

Elite Shipmaster Rtas Vadumee

Brute Bodyguard

Flood Pure Form Stalker

Spartan Recon White

Red Grunt