McFarlane Hockey Toys

McFarlane Hockey Figure

One of our best McFarlane NHL Hockey Collector, Jean, sent some pictures of how he likes to display his collection. It looks freakin’ awesome! All he needs is a replica of the Stanley Cup and you are in hockey heaven!

If you have a massive collection of your own and you want me to feature it on this blog, just send pics to david at cmdstore dot com. Don’t forget to include your name along with your location.

  1. Excuse me for writing bad English ..

    I’m really a fan of hockey in Finland.
    The problem is that Finland is not very far come easily McFarlane NHL product .. Must see only through the internet ..

    You can buy through or not?
    what does it cost?

  2. You can definitely buy it through us at! THe shipping info will be provided to you when you order. 🙂

  3. Do you have a Phil Esposito Figure and Raycroft both on Boston and how much with shipping to Kitchener ONT.

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