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Was the online leak a marketing gimmick?

Well, it looks like the folks at EA have nothing to worry about! Despite the leak allowing millions to illegally download a leaked version of the Sims 3, pirates weren’t able to make a dent in the massive success of the game. The company was still able to sell an absurdly huge number of copies and, given the prices of both it and its Special Edition counterpart, plus the $10 iPhone app, I think it’s safe to say that we can expect a Sims 4 a couple years down the line.

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If the recession has you in the doldrums, you can always escape to the virtual world of Sims for comfort. And according to game maker Electronic Arts, many people are doing just that: Reportedly, video game “The Sims 3” was the largest launch of a PC game in the company’s history with 1.4 million copies sold in its first week at retail.

Who said people are cutting back discretionary spending? Although unemployment figures have climbed to more than 9 percent, gamers are finding the $49.99 (at Amazon) to spend on creating and nurturing lifelike or “Sim”ulated people with individual personalities and lives. “The Sims 3” introduces a “traits system” that lets players make truly unique characters: neurotic, compulsive, loners, etc. Players can also create and edit videos they make in the game.

In addition, the $10 downloadable iPhone and iPod Touch version of The Sims 3 had hit the No. 1 paid App Store spot in 37 countries worldwide since release, according to Electronic Arts. Overall, the Sims franchise has sold more than 100 million units worldwide since its debut in February 2000.

However, the road has not been completely paved with gold for Electronic Arts. Immediately after its June 2 launch, fans of The Sims 2 were vocal in their disappointment that certain features of the earlier version were missing, in particular the player’s ability to be God-like. No news yet on whether Electronic Arts will add more controls in future expansion packs.

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