More about The Sims 3!

In the last Sims 3 post, I talked about the leak that allowed thousands to download the full-version (beta) of the EA game. But now that it’s been officially released with a couple fixes, the time has truly come for the world to rediscover The Sims and everything they can do.

And to help spread the word, there is now an official Sims 3 youtube channel where you can check out all the latest Sims-related videos, trailers and tutorials. Plus, there’s a new contest being held that invites you to submit your Sims videos and win a ton of awesome prizes. Fans of the game will definitely want to throw their hat in the ring and give it a shot!

Here’s a look at some of what the Sims channel offers, plus the new trailer for the iPhone/iPod version of the blockbuster game!