Club Penguin…and Club Manchot?

There’s more news from the World of Club Penguin! But first, here’s a quick recap of our previous posts on the topic…
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Club Penguin, it should be mentioned, is a Canadian creation. Maybe it’s our love for the snow, or maybe it’s just a fun-loving spirit that led to the birth of the online game, but whatever it is, Disney liked it enough to purchase the homegrown phenomenon and now it’s headed to new heights of gaming–and popularity. But one decidedly Canadian aspect of the game (besides the icy environments) is the fact that the second language catered to by the Club is French, though Portuguese was a close third. And in other news…

We’ve mentioned the Trading Card Game before, but here’s a reminder of the new way to play Club Penguin when you’re not connected. Brought to you by Disney and card-wizards Topps, they’re filled with tips, tricks and a game within themselves. And naturally, because Club Penguin is never far behind its merchandise, you can use the cards to interact and get bonuses back in the online world.

And of course, fans can grab a ton of other figures and plush toys over at our Club Penguin Action Figures and Collectibles Section in our online store. It’s a great selection and sure to please fans.