The Scoop on Club Penguin

In the last Club Penguin Post, we introduced the brand new Club Penguin toys. But it seems that not everyone is even fully aware of what Club Penguin is, how it came to be, or what it’s all about, so here’s a little beginner’s lesson in Disney’s latest fandom.

First of all, we’ll begin with…


Put simply, it’s the latest MMORPG that takes place in a virtual world not unlike World of Warcraft, Neopets or my personal favourite, the gone-but-not-forgotten Castle Infinity. Kids take on the roles of a variety of colourful penguins and explore the snowy terrain with their friends while playing a ton of games available to the players. You can choose whether to pay for CP extras or just stick to the free version, but both are a ton of fun. The target audience is aged 6-14, which may seem young for an online game, but parents can rest-assured that their kids are safe thanks to a ‘Safe Chat Mode’ that has players choose what they would say from a menu, meaning that no one can spout anything but pre-approved words. Plus, for the free chat, there are always moderators present to make sure nothing gets out of hand.


You can join the adventure over at by signing up and creating your very own Penguin. From there, check out the entire Club Penguin world, featuring dozens of different activities and scenarios for paying and non-paying members alike. Plus, the game featured the weekly Club Penguin Times, featuring news and user-generated content that really enriches the experience for players.

So what are you waiting for? With the whole thing being given away for free, there’s no reason not to get in on the action!