The Sims 3 Leaks Online!

EA Games has suffered in the last few years, with its games getting less buzz and making fewer sales. So it probably comes as a harsh blow that the third installment of their hugely popular “The Sims” game has been leaked online a full two weeks before its official release date. Popping up on download and torrent sites, the game and its creators must now contend with fans who couldn’t wait to buy the CD, or just wanted to snag it for free and hope that their game fares as well as the also-leaked X-Men Origins: Wolverine film, which suffered little for the piracy. Of course, it’s a different ball-game for them: the Wolverine was a workprint and thus not at the level of the theatre experience, but being able to download the complete Sims 3 leaves very little reason to then purchase a copy.

The major changes to the Sims 3 can’t be found in the graphics, which, while streamlined, aren’t that different, but rather in the composition of the Sims themselves. No longer are they mechanical and relegating to feeling using a number system (e.g. A sim is 40% hungry, with a 90% need to pee), but rather they will be more intuitive, more responsive and emotionally layered–in a word, more human. Definitely an exciting prospect for the series’ millions of fans, who were frequently limited by the previous games’ rigidity.

Of course, time will tell whether the leak will affect sales and if the new system will offer the same amount of fun as the old, but the Sims 3 will be released June 2nd and we can all keep our fingers crossed that it provides a worthy entry to an awesome franchise.