Club Penguin: Now with Toys!

Move over, Webkinz! There’s a new online toy series on the block, though it came by its connectivity in a very different way. Unlike Webkinz (and more like Neopets), Club Penguin was a game first. Inviting kids to play as penguins and interact in child-safe, monitored environments online while playing, learning and exploring, Club Penguin started small but has really taken off. I was introduced to it because my brother’s a fan, and I have to applaud Disney for making something that’s both appropriate for children and also a lot of fun.

And now, Disney has released a series of plush penguins, plastic figures, cards and more. You can check them out at our online store’s Club Penguin section and pick out your own. They’re all already in-stock, so there’s no need to wait on a pre-order. Here are a couple examples of what we’ve got… Click any of ’em to be taken to the whole collection!