Ben 10 : What’s it all about?

Kids and teens everywhere are still talking about Ben 10, a show that debuted in late 2005 on the Cartoon Network but is still going strong across the globe. For those not ‘in the know’, Ben 10 tells the story of a kid named Ben who discovers a device called the Omnitrix inside an earthbound alien pod. Shaped a like an intergalactic watch, the Omnitrix is kept strapped to Ben’s wrist and grants him the powers of transformation. The Omnitrix blends Ben’s DNA with the genetic codes of hundreds of space-beasts, allowing him to become a huge variety of alien creatures (wiki has a list of Ben’s transformations here), each with unique powers that he uses to bring justice to evil-doers. A classic formula, but it manages to add twists and turns that allowed to become hugely popular with viewers everywhere.

The original Ben 10 series ran from December 2005 to April 2008, spawing two TV-movies during its run. The first was an animated feature called Secret of the Omnitrix and the second was a Cartoon Network live-action production entitled Race Against Time

Plus, there were video games and toys for those who couldn’t get enough of the transmogrified hero, but more importantly and more substantially, fans were thrilled to receive a gift in the form of a brand new Ben 10 show: Ben 10: Alien Force. Alien Force takes place five years after the original adventures, catching up with a 15 year old Ben as he fights a brand new foe: the Highbreed, a race of Aliens bent on destroying the world as we know it. Joining him are cousin Gwen and his former rival, Kevin. The show’s still airing now, so newbies can check their local listings or just ask the nearest kid when to watch it.

For now, check out the Ben 10 theme song (no promises that it won’t be in your head all day!) and keep an eye out for an upcoming post about some awesome Ben 10 toys…