The Toronto Comic Arts Festival

This weekend, I was lucky (and awesome) enough to make it down to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, a celebration of sequential art and storytelling by some of the most awesome talent in the industry, from graphic novels to webcomics. I consider all these conventions a warm-up for my planned trip to July’s San Diego Comic Con, where I intend to be much less shy and awe-struck in the presence of those I really and truly admire.

I met a lot of people there, including a few friends, and ended up spending far too much money on comics, but with absolutely no regrets. Here’s a little list of what I was lucky enough to snag, with links to the artists/writers themselves. I’ll leave out the biggest names (once I say that Bryan Lee O’Malley was there for Scott Pilgrim and I picked up Grant Morrison’s Seaguy at Cameron Stewart’s table) since you already know ’em, but here are some more. Definitely a good group to check out if you’re looking for the next or current “Big Thing”.

Kate Beaton

Kate Beaton’s work represents some of the most consistently funny, entertaining and surprisingly informative webcomic-ry being done today. And the art is simple but PERFECT, incredibly expressive and a lot of fun. Amazing stuff.

Kelly Tindall
Besides being one of the most awesome people I’ve ever met, Mister Kelly Tindall is also one of the most imaginative, both in terms of art and writing. You can see his work in Image Comics’ Proof.

David Malki
David Malki’s unique use of public-domain Victoriana combined with his keen wit made me fall in love with Wondermark some time ago. He’s got a couple Wondermark collections, a short film and some prose under his belt, but it’s all brilliant and all funny.

R. Stevens

I’ve been reading Diesel Sweeties for years now and it’s still just as entertaining as its always been. Touted as an 8-bit Robot Romance, it’s sharp, clever, occasionally risque and a lot of fun to look at.

For more information, you can check out the official TCAF website! If you missed it this time around, make sure you make plans to check it out in 2010.