The Montreal ToyCon Part 2: Cosplayers!

No convention is complete without its own cast of costumed characters and the cosplayers came out in full-force this Sunday, bringing together some beloved favourites from the wide world of geekery.

One of the biggest names in cosplay around the world is The 501st Legion (wiki). Also known as “Vader’s Fist”, the 4200 international members represent the best and brightest Star Wars costumers, with professional-quality uniforms and armor a must for membership. They’re known for their amazing accuracy in costume design and knowledge of the Star Wars universe and even George Lucas himself accepted an honourary membership in 2005. Naturally, we were pleased and honoured when the Canadian Garrison of the 501st stopped in to be among the many awesome cosplayers stopping by the con!

Here’s a look at the faces we saw at the MTC!