Watching the Watchmen: DVD, Blu-Ray and Facebook?

When it hits shelves in late July (the official date is still being finalized), the Watchmen Blu-Ray won’t just feature hours of extra footage, motion comics, behind-the-scenes work and commentaries–in addition to all the special features you’d expect, the folks at Warner Bros. have decided to take a new approach to bringing movies and audiences together: Facebook.

Synched-up screenings will take place, allowing people all across the world to talk about and interact with the film in real-time. Of course, this isn’t available for those getting the movie on DVD (don’t worry–all the other features are!), but it seems like it’ll be a cool new way to enjoy films with an even bigger crowd. All in the comfort of your own home!

And, while I’m here and on the topic, take a look at some of the Watchmen figures we’ve got in stock! Nite Owl II is my personal favourite, but we’ve also got Nite Owl I, Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan, the Comedian and more, both in 7-inch and 12-inch form. Definitely worth a look for fans of the film or the original graphic novel!


Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask — Now on the Wii! Plus, toys!

From RPGamer. . .

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for the Nintendo 64 is often forgotten due to the critical acclaim given to its predecessor, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Many consider Ocarina the best game in the series. Majora’s Mask may also have fallen by the wayside because of its North American release taking place on the exact same day as the PlayStation 2. Nevertheless, RPGamers now have a second chance to experience Majora’s Mask, as the game was released on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console this week.

Majora’s Mask is unique in that it gives Link just three in-game days to complete quests and dungeons. At the end of the three days, time must be restarted and most of Link’s effect on the world is undone, but Link still retains some items and abilities. The game takes place in an alternate version of Hyrule, called Termina, in which citizens have their own unique time schedules throughout the three days. Link also collects various masks that each have their own use or power.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is priced at 1000 Nintendo Points. The title was originally released on October 26, 2000.

Naturally, that’s great news for Zelda fans everywhere, who have been starved since Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass. Spirit Tracks is up next, but Retro Studios (famous for their Metroid work) recently said that there are no more plans for them to make the next Wii-Zelda follow-up. Bad news!

Better news, of course, is that we’ve still got a bunch of Legend of Zelda merch in case you want to dry your tears in one of our awesome plush Links. Check out the whole collection here!


The first teaser trailer for 2010’s Toy Story 3 leaked yesterday, but now it’s available legitimately and in high-definition! Already featuring some old favourites, the teaser comes VERY early given that it’ll be over a year before the movie hits theatres, but it gives fans of the first two movies something to look forward to. Until then, of course, there’s Disney-Pixar’s UP, opening today. Now check this out!

Sonic the Hedgehog: JAZWARES figures have arrived!

The first three Sonic the Hedgehog action figures have now arrived and are in-stock, ready to order! Sonic, Shadow and the echidna, Knuckles, are the first of a collection from Jazwares. Each figure features over 25 points of articulation and stands over six inches tall! The sculpting is perfectly loyal to the dynamic art you’ve come to know and love in the Sonicverse and the toys look awesome.

Plus, coming in later months (but already available for pre-order!), you can find Werehog, Black Night and more! Whether you’re a long-time fan or just getting into it thanks to Nintendo’s purchase of the Sonic franchise, you should definitely check this collection out!


Now in-stock, we’ve got the latest toys from the Transformers film franchise! Film-accurate, they offer some amazing levels of detail that’s sure to impress fans of the toys–maybe even those robots-in-disguise purists who prefer the original incarnations of the characters. Right now, it’s a six-figure collection, but you can bet that we’ll be updating with all the latest the moment the rest comes in!

For now, check these out!

G.I. Joe: Hall of Heroes and Battle Packs

The Hall of Heroes collection has arrived! Throughout his illustrious career, G.I. Joe has had dozens of memorable friends and foes, but the Hall of Heroes brings together only the finest and most beloved or feared of the characters. Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes appear, as do Flint and Firefly, among others. Fans of the franchise will definitely want to snag these 3 3/4” figures either individually or as a set of 10.

And if that isn’t enough, be sure to check these out:

G.I. Joe Battle Packs! Each set contains a bunch of figures ready for action in any situation, from a shipwreck to a desert assault. Figures from all eras of G.I. Joe there, with the latest based on thus summer’s upcoming G.I. Joe live-action film. Some are already available to buy, others can be pre-ordered for later delivery, but all of them help you bring home the awesomeness of the real American heroes.

DC UNIVERSE: Series 8 is coming your way!

See those?

Those are the new figures from DC Direct’s DC Universe collection and they arrive <i>tomorrow</i>. Past series have brought us Red Tornado and Etrigan, Harley Quinn and Nightwing, The Riddler and Big Barda and dozens more. And now, joining the legions, we’ve got new pre-orders for the eighth series of figures, comprised of…

Commander Steel
Classic Dr. Fate
Modern Dr. Fate
Gentleman Ghost (my personal favourite)
Mr. Terrific
Parademon Red
Parademon Yellow
Grab ’em as a complete set!

They get here tomorrow, but you can already pre-order now, before they go live on the website. And you can also check out and pre-order the ninth series. The ship date has yet to be announced, but the collection includes Black Canary, Green Arrow, Black Adam and seven others! Take a look at the ninth series by clicking here!

BAKUGAN returns on the Cartoon Network!

Though it is all too common for kids’ shows to go off-the-air before their time, ending without a real resolution, the entertainment world does seem to be realizing that even younger audiences are demanding quality follow-throughs for their favourite series’. And in response to that, we’re pleased to say, new episodes of BAKUGAN have now begun on the Cartoon Network!

Entitled Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia, the second season sees new characters teaming up with old to form a new resistance and take on the evil Vexos Organization! Fans will no doubt be thrilled with the new storylines, but on top of everything, this season will introduce the Bakuneon!

And if you number among the uninitiated, never fear! We’ve got everything you need to get up-to-speed on anything and everything related to what still seems to be the hottest toy trend! Check out some of our previous Bakugan articles to learn more about. . .

What Bakugan is
The Upcoming Bakugan Video Game
The Bakugan Animated Series
The Upcoming Bakugan FILM!

and much, much more!

And if you’re just looking to grow your collection of Bakugan Battle Brawlers, then look no further than the massive Bakugan Section over at our online store! Here are some quick links to our entire line!

E3 Expo: June 2nd to 4th, 2009 and Video Game Figures!

Get ready, video game fans! The biggest video game convention in the world, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), goes down June 2-4, 2009 in the Los Angeles Convention Center and you can expect big news from Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and hundreds of others, from developers and designers to writers and artists. It’s going to be awesome!

Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing what surprises are in-store, but be sure to check out the official website for a look at the programming. And we’ll definitely be reporting on the new developments as we hear of them!

For now, video game aficionados can take a look at our selection of VG-related figures and collectibles for an easier way of bringing the virtual world to the real world!

Club Penguin…and Club Manchot?

There’s more news from the World of Club Penguin! But first, here’s a quick recap of our previous posts on the topic…
What is Club Penguin?
Brand New Club Penguin Toys and Cards!
The Club Penguin Secret Agent Handbook

Club Penguin, it should be mentioned, is a Canadian creation. Maybe it’s our love for the snow, or maybe it’s just a fun-loving spirit that led to the birth of the online game, but whatever it is, Disney liked it enough to purchase the homegrown phenomenon and now it’s headed to new heights of gaming–and popularity. But one decidedly Canadian aspect of the game (besides the icy environments) is the fact that the second language catered to by the Club is French, though Portuguese was a close third. And in other news…

We’ve mentioned the Trading Card Game before, but here’s a reminder of the new way to play Club Penguin when you’re not connected. Brought to you by Disney and card-wizards Topps, they’re filled with tips, tricks and a game within themselves. And naturally, because Club Penguin is never far behind its merchandise, you can use the cards to interact and get bonuses back in the online world.

And of course, fans can grab a ton of other figures and plush toys over at our Club Penguin Action Figures and Collectibles Section in our online store. It’s a great selection and sure to please fans.