Lego Rock Band Announcement and Guitar Hero Figures

Coming later this year to all the major consoles and the Nintendo DS/DSi, fans of Guitar Hero and Rock Band will be getting a quirky new treat from the team of Harmonix, MTV Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games: LEGO ROCK BAND.

Aimed at players of all ages, the songs will not include lyrics unsuitable for younger players, which many considered a problem with the original Rock Band title, especially since its style was definitely not one that would otherwise alienate the youths. But adult gamers shouldn’t be put off: the lineup of songs announces so far might have a younger lean, but is by no means ‘kiddie’, including Blur’s Song 2, Carl Douglas’ Kung Fu Fighting, Europe’s The Final Countdown, Good Charlotte’s Boys and Girls and Pink’s So What.

This will definitely be one to check out for fans of the Lego series OR the GH/RB games when it hits stores this Christmas!

* * *

Also for those who can’t get enough of rockin’ out on their consoles and want to take that love to the real world (without actually picking up a guitar), we’ve got some stellar McFarlane action figures based on massively successful Guitar Hero franchise. Whether you’re looking for the God of Rock or Johnny Napalm, Lars Umlaut or Slash, we’ve got a number of figures and their variants available in the Guitar Hero section over at CMDStore.