Bakugan Contest – Win a FREE Battle Training DVD

Bakugan Battle Training DVD

We recently ran a Bakugan Mega Bowl Tournament at a local Cineplex Movie theatre and it was a huge success. Below are some thumbnail pics of the event. Take a look…doesn’t it look fun? Yes, it was really fun and everyone had a great time.

Bakugan Battle Training DVDOk….it’s time to run a little contest. This awesome DVD was exclusive to Toys R Us and I was able to get a copy. I saw it selling for 10 bucks on You can win this copy for FREE by guessing how many Bakugans are in the box pictured below this blog.

What is contained on this DVD you ask? This Exclusive Bakugan Battle Training DVD will teach you:

-Bakugan Battle Basics on how to play
-Gate Cards
-Ability Cards
-Advanced Gameplay (ie. Bakugan Trap and more tricks)

-Multiplayer and the Big Game
-Tournament Rules
-Awesome Tips to Master this Game

Let’s play…..Guess the Amount of Bakugans in the box…

Guess how many Bakugans in the box

Now the official rules:

1) You have to guess the EXACT amount in the Comment Box below.
2) You only get 1 guess per email account. If you guess multiple times under the same email or IP address, I will disqualify ALL your guesses from the contest (Remember I can see your IP address when you post a comment!)   First one to get it right will win!
PLEASE NOTE: This is just for fun – I WILL NOT save your email address for any other purpose other than to contact the winner. We will not add you to our email list, we will not sell, lend or give ANY of your information to anyone for any reason. If your winning email address is invalid, I will select the next one.
3) In case of a tie – I will contact the winners and ask them which color or type of Bakugan had the most in the box, the person who guesses the correct one will win.
4) Contest is only open to residents in USA and Canada.
5) The winner will be announced right here on May 15th 2009!
6) No purchase is necessary to enter.