The Transformers MASTERPIECE Collection

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of those robots in disguise, the Transformers. And whether you’re Autobot or Decepticon (maybe even Maximal or Predacon), you’ll definitely want to join in on the celebration if you’re any kind of fan. Hasbro and their partners are rolling out a bunch of new items as it celebrates twenty-five years of war waged between Optimus Prime and Megatron. We’ve got a bunch of them available for purchase or pre-order in our online store‘s extensive Transformers Collection.

The 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime figure is a new issue of an old figure and comes with a DVD, a comic and an Autobot display stand perfect for commemorating a quarter decade of Prime’s Autobot leadership.

This Skywarp figure is one of the many stunning items you can find in the Takara collection, a high-end line of unique Transformers figures. Coming soon, we’ll also have Grimlock, Ultra Magnus and Thundercracker from the Masterpiece series.

The Mighty Muggs are yet another expansion of Hasbro’s massive Transformers collection and a fun new take on some of the classic characters. From Optimus to Megatron, Grimlock to Starscream, you’ll definitely want to check out this whimsical line.