Webkinz Jr. has launched!

The Webkinz phenomenon can be attributed in equal parts to the cuteness of the plush pals it offers and the fact that it was the first non-electronic toy to really link itself successfully to an online community, though other companies have tried along the years. And now, the Webkinz World has gotten even bigger!

Though fun for children of all ages, the Webkinz World could be a little complicated for the very young. Which is why Ganz has now launched Webkinz Jr., a simplified version of the website that parents and children can navigate together or that provides a safe, entertaining place online for 3-6 year olds. It’s already live, so if you’re a Webkinz fan, be sure to check it out!

And for those already in love with the Webkinz or looking to get started on a collection, we’ve got a ton of ’em available for purchase and pre-order in the online store. Just yesterday I covered the Easter Webkinz, but here are a few more you can snag! Click the pics to take a look at the whole line.