The Godfather II Video Game and Collectibles

Fans of Grand Theft Auto and The Godfather were thrilled when the highly-customizable, impressively-layered game hit consoles two years ago, featuring great graphics, a massive New York City to explore and–best of all–an experience that did the film proud, including performances by original cast members (including Marlon Brando, whose recorded lines stood as his final acting credit). Personally, I’ve been a Godfather fangirl ever since I first read Puzo’s incredible novel and the first two films are among my favourites so when I learned of the game, I was quick to pick up the Black Hand Edition for the Wii. And for what I sacrificed in graphics for my Nintendo choice, I made up for in the ability to stand in front of the television and shoot, punch and throttle the heck out of the Corleone Family’s rivals with the Wiimote.

And now, of course, I’ll probably have to go for a non-Wiimote version to further my Godfather love when the Godfather II game hits stores Thursday. Here’s a look!

And for super-fans like myself, I’ll also include the collectibles available from the folks at McFarlane who are awesome enough to realize the awesomeness of the Godfather. Don Corleone currently sits on my writing desk, where I am waiting for him to make me that offer everybody’s always talking about. Also pictured below is a really cool item also from McFarlane: a 3-D movie poster that’s a must for the wall of any fan of the iconic image.

And if you’re looking for anything else from another fandom, we’ve also got a ton of other movie toys, figures and collectibles available in-stock at our online store.