New and Upcoming Action Figures & Collectibles from DC

For a while, it seemed like DC was always going to be behind Marvel in the action figure game. Marvel Legends were huge, the statues and collectibles were mostly Marvel heroes and villains and movies like Spider-Man, X-Men and The Fantastic Four made it seem like DC had a lot of catching up to do. Fortunately, recent days (and the release of WATCHMEN and THE DARK KNIGHT) have seen big leaps for DC figures, statues and other merch. You can check out a few examples from our online store below.

These new figures from the DC Animated Universe haven’t hit shelves yet, but can be pre-ordered now and will ship next month. The 4-pack includes Clock King, Bane, Scarecrow and arguably the most popular character ever created for the DCU, Harley Quinn.

If you haven’t seen the latest direct-to-video release from the DC Animated Universe, you’re definitely missing out. I was lucky enough to see the premiere at the New York Comic Con (see my report here) and immediately became a fangirl, so I’ll certainly be among those keen to grab this new 12 inch rendition of WW. She looks stunning as usual and joins the other heroes immortalized by DC Direct in its super-sized line.

Through thick and thin, my fandom loyalties will always lie with Batman. There’s just no one better and I do not care to hear from possible contenders; I’ve made up my mind. And my favourite member of the Gotham City Rogues Gallery has always been Harvey Dent/Two-Face (followed by the Joker, which made 2008’s The Dark Knight even more amazing for me). DC Direct has been awesome enough to release not one but two 12-inch Two-Face figures in the last year. We’re sold out of the first figure of the comic book version, but you can still find the movie version of the figure based on Aaron Eckhart’s brilliant portrayal.

For more DC figures, you can check out the complete DC Direct action figure collection, featuring tons of figures from the ever-expanding comic, movie and TV universe.