Hades Bakugan

Hades is a Mechanical Dragon Bakugan who lives to serve the Vexos. He is Shadow’s primary brawler when battling the Resistance. Hades has three fire breathing heads and six wings making him one of the fastest flying Bakugans. His three tails each have a spiky tip, so Hades can attack his opponent from many different directions. His metal exoskeleton can sustain multiple blows from any brawler, but on top of that he has three large metal thorns that further protect his heart from attack.

What is the hottest toy this Year

There is a clear winner: Bakugan toys.

What is Bakugan Toys?

Every kid is asking for this new game based on an old concept (ie. Marbles). It is based on a show on Cartoon Network and is about a game where players roll Bakugan toys onto metal “gate cards” that then transform into monsters that do battle. Think Transformers and Pokemon on steroids and a sprinking of Magic: The Gathering and you’ll get the idea.

Who is the Bakugan game aimed at?

It’s aimed at 6 to 12 year old boys but I have seen 40 year old fathers battling it out in the Bakugan arena. The concept, cartoon and all the marketing is all geared towards the younger age group but don’t be a prune…it is open to all ages. Great lengths have gone to ensure that the game plays very much like it looks in the cartoon.

Where can I find the names of the Bakugans?

I have included a link to a poster that I got from Spin Master Toys. This should point you in the right direction. I had a few of these posters in our store but they were in high demand. Just click the image below to reveal a detailed high resolution poster that you can print out.


Buy Bakugan Toys (Where?)

You can try eBay or Amazon but there is only one place where you will find all your bakugan collectible needs at www.cmdstore.com. CmdStore.com is one of the few retailers able to offer the season’s number one hot toy, Bakugan, in such huge and diverse quantities, with every accessory possible still available for sale through the site! Cmdstore has so many bakugan choices from: opened/loose and sealed boosters, starters, arenas, launchers to customized gift sets, you will always find something for your budget. They are a member of the Better Business Bureau so you can always buy with confidence.

Bakugan Game

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My Favorite Bakugan ball is…

  1. hello i am ????? I think that hades is the most awesome new vestroia bakugaqn I just bought on e darkus with 710 gs lucky me! I also have a haos elfin,aquos dual elfin, pyrus helios, haos mega nemus,ventus klawger and a pyrus scraper I am going to build maxus helios with klawger,scraper,foxbat,fencer,leefram,spindle, and of course helios.He has 5000 gs !!

  2. hades rocks. also Ive just a 710 hades also but i think my exedra is better it has 780 gs. So can you beat that! Also ive 76 more bakugan after that can you beat that! oh and i thought bakugan couldnt go over 1000gs

  3. He is the best bakugan ever make. I have him at 710gs, but i am looking for a stronger one.

  4. to hades xd32. your bakugan is fake because a bakugan can only go up to 1000gs without a gate card or a ability card

  5. to hades xd32, your bakugan is a fake because a bakugan can only go up to 1000gs without using a gate card or a abiliy card. so stop cheating loser.

  6. ive just got a pyrus appolonir to complete my 6 wariors of vestroia believe it or not 800gs i know im also shocked!

  7. here some more bakugan ive just got wavern ultra dragniod and 5 traps and 3 specal attacks. PEACE OUT!

  8. hades is my new guardian aint that right hades

  9. someone reply

  10. you guys all may have strong bakugan but i have better how about my weakest bakugan is my 680 pyrus helios oh by the way i have 79 bakugan

  11. hola
    q buena foto

  12. Hello. My name is Chris. I’m from USA. I’m new to this forum, i was hoping you could maybe teach me some stuff.

    Just so you know who i am! feel free to post your own photos. Allways best to know who you talk to!

  13. hellow

  14. Isn’t Hades really Hydraonoid 4? He looks like it, and Shun said at the end of Duel in the Dunes that it was the brawlers old enemy!

  15. anonymous also really says
    good photo.
    Im taking spanish lessons.

  16. Your bakugan is indeed correct. I read an online article saying bakugan bought at over 700GS is either a fake or has been overwritten for advantages.



  19. By the way, where can you get a hades bakugan?

  20. I have a bakugan blog if you all would like to check it out just click on my nickname for this comment. Where can you get a hades bakugan? I cant ever find em.

  21. i have a alpha percival he is at 72o gs

  22. i have a 720 gs alpha percival and a 680 helios bakugan

  23. I have a Percival G Power 520, Midnight Percival 500 G’s, and an Alpha Percival 660 G’s. That means I have all of Percivals’ evolutions, am I correct?

  24. bakugan is echt funny

  25. que quidos estan los bakuganes

  26. bakugan are wax andare for babies now

  27. super bakugani am 25 bakugani

  28. Dudes that r sayin Bakugan cant go above 1000 Gs well they can’t, but Maxus Helios is actually made up of 7 different Bakugan. Check any Bakugan website and search it up if u can. I know Maxus Dragonoid has 3400 Gs or something so it is possible for Maxus Helios to have 5000 Gs although that is kinda quite a bit higher than Maxus Drago…

  29. I recently got a Darkus Turbine Hades from a new vestroia pack…..Don’t even ask…I ‘m not even sure how I still found a new vestroia package:) He is absolutely one of my favorite Darkus Bakugan and just so everyone knows now. The highest bakugan currently goes up to 1310g power. I think that is really ridiculous. I wish bakugan would stop going up so high. Now the average bakugan you buy in a bakuboost pack is in the 700g-900g power rating. How are we supposed to play our weaker 500g power bakugan. Yeah I know we can use a weakest one wins card but I want to play with them normally. Maybe the high g power of gundalian invaders is only temporary. I don’t thinks so YET though because the next season is mechtanium surge. The bakugan that have been advertised so far appear as if they will be extremely strong. Feel free to add me on my Bakugan Guardians facebook page for more advice. Just search followursoul5@aol.com

    -Master Ryan Osborne

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