Abis Omega Bakugan

Abis Omega is a slithering serpent. It has three fins that allow it to swim. It is capable of swimming in fresh and salt water and has a flexible body that can strike quickly. It can coil around and squeeze tightly to defeat its foe. It has a two-tone colored body with diamonds along the side allowing it to blend into its surrounding make it unnoticeable. Abis Omega perished long ago and was resurrected by the Vexos Mylene as an energy body.

What is the hottest toy this Year

There is a clear winner: Bakugan toys.

What is Bakugan Toys?

Every kid is asking for this new game based on an old concept (ie. Marbles). It is based on a show on Cartoon Network and is about a game where players roll Bakugan toys onto metal “gate cards” that then transform into monsters that do battle. Think Transformers and Pokemon on steroids and a sprinking of Magic: The Gathering and you’ll get the idea.

Who is the Bakugan game aimed at?

It’s aimed at 6 to 12 year old boys but I have seen 40 year old fathers battling it out in the Bakugan arena. The concept, cartoon and all the marketing is all geared towards the younger age group but don’t be a prune…it is open to all ages. Great lengths have gone to ensure that the game plays very much like it looks in the cartoon.

Where can I find the names of the Bakugans?

I have included a link to a poster that I got from Spin Master Toys. This should point you in the right direction. I had a few of these posters in our store but they were in high demand. Just click the image below to reveal a detailed high resolution poster that you can print out.


Buy Bakugan Toys (Where?)

You can try eBay or Amazon but there is only one place where you will find all your bakugan collectible needs at www.cmdstore.com. CmdStore.com is one of the few retailers able to offer the season’s number one hot toy, Bakugan, in such huge and diverse quantities, with every accessory possible still available for sale through the site! Cmdstore has so many bakugan choices from: opened/loose and sealed boosters, starters, arenas, launchers to customized gift sets, you will always find something for your budget. They are a member of the Better Business Bureau so you can always buy with confidence.

Bakugan Game

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My Favorite Bakugan ball is…

  1. my son has wanted that 1 but he can nvr find it anywhere

  2. i Just love bakugan i have a 18 bakugans and my strongest is mega brontes with 720 Gs and weakest is Subterra falconeer with 280 Gs and my guardian bakugan is aquos preyas nad after my precious darkus juggernoid

  3. hello im speak spanish .hola quisiera saber en cuantos pesos mexicanos me venden a ABIS OMEGA pyros(red)(rojo) traslucido mi correo es pikachino@hotmail.com y si hacen envios ( de preferencia con dhl) grasias

  4. to: justin
    i have gotten tons of these @ target so i would suggestet you go there or get 1 on ebay.

  5. i hope you find him some justin 🙂

  6. oh justin if you live far far away from target i feel bad for you both
    best wishes, bobby

  7. Great stuff…thanks.

  8. ya bende neo dragonoid var ama 540 g

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