New Bakugan Vestroia 2009 Season 2 Releases

bakuganlogo5 It’s been a while since my last post on Bakugan. Hey, there are more important things in life than Bakugan….well, maybe not. I’ve been so addicted to World of Warcraft that I finally had to stop playing or I would be permanently attached to my computer chair. Since I’m not playing computer games, I should go out and ride a bike or take a walk in the park….or….I can give you guys and gals a updated list of Bakugans that have just been released. I will go with the latter….

Behold…some new bakugan vestroia creatures that are coming in April 2009 (some may already be out):

Ok…now I have to plug the store…Yada, yada, yada….you can buy it here:

Stay tuned…I will be posting up some more pictures of new bakugan released creatures but now I have to get back to playing my WoW game.


Helios Bakugan Vestroia

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Bakugan Battle Training DVD

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