DC Universe Classics Series 6 BAF Kalibak Figure Assortment

DC Universe Classics Series 6

It took a while for Mattel to finally ship this Wave to us but it is here.   All our regular DC customers kept asking when we would get this series!  This DC Universe Classics Wave 6 set features:

Superman Black (Yes…I like him in black)
Superman Red & Blue (Not too crazy about this one…seen him in these colors a lot)
Mr. Miracle (If you like Kirby then you gotta buy this guy)
Dr. Impossible
Hawkman (Carter Hall, now does that sound like a Super-hero name?)
Killer Moth (Why did they make this guy?)

Collect all the figures above and get the pieces to build Kalibak (The Son of Darkseid…the Bad-Ass Dude).

We got a pretty large shipment of Series 6 and 7 in stock right now.  Don’t be a stranger, you can drop in and place your order from our site.  Shop here.