Though there were tons of people present at the midnight showings, most are headed to catch Snyder’s epic take on Alan Moore’s WATCHMEN starting today. The reviews so far have been overwhelmingly positive, with even fans of the graphic novel seeming pleased with the adaptation (if only for the fact that they can finally see their favourite characters come to life on the silver screen). And to celebrate the opening in London, there was an awesome promotional event not unlike that which accompanied last summer’s Dark Knight Alternate-reality Game. Check it out!

That’s Dr. Manhattan, standing 70 feet tall over the River Thames thanks to the world’s largest water projector. He’s quickly followed by the iconic bloodied happy face pin once worn by The Comedian. An since WATCHMEN has only just opened, you can bet there’ll be more awesome opening nights, including displays and costumes, and I’ll be sure to include the best of it right here. Action Figure Store