The Green Lantern: FIRST FLIGHT Movie DVD

Though shows like the original Spider-Man, the 90s X-Men cartoon and even Iron Man are fondly remembered by many, the biggest and brightest star of the superhero genre was undoubtedly Batman: The Animated Series. It stood apart from the others with its heavily stylized art-deco-cum-neo-gothic look, sharp, intelligent writing, powerful new takes on well-known characters and inspired voice casting from Kevin Conroy’s alternately light and dark Bruce/Batman and Mark Hamill’s manic and theatrical Joker to Michael Ansara’s striking turn as Mr. Freeze.

After B:TAS, there came The New Batman Adventures, JLA, Batman Beyond and more, all in a similar style (with many redesigns) and taking place in a single epic universe. Now, the success of those shows and feature-length films like Mask of the Phantasm, Sub Zero and Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker has paved the way for new films like Wonder Woman, released March 3rd. And next up, it has been announced, is the Hal Jordan origin story The Green Lantern: First Flight!

The first trailer was shown at WonderCon and the movie will be released June 28th, 2009 on DVD and Blu-Ray, which will feature over three hours of extra content, commentaries and a digital copy. Plus, the legendary Bruce Timm has selected two of The Green Lantern’s finest episodes of Justice League to be included on the Blu-Ray edition.