February and March 2009 Webkinz: Cute, Cuter, Cutest.

When it comes to Webkinz, you might have been asking yourself: “Now, Webkinz are cute. But can they possibly get any cuter?”

The answer is an emphatic yes.

February’s Webkinz, for example, boasts the Blue Whale, Irish Setter, Mountain Goat, Pelican and Spotted Turtle. There’s also a Lil’ Kinz: The Pink Glitter Fish.

The cuteness is almost excessive, as illustrated here:

The mountain goat is almost too much. Look at his eyes! And the hooves! He’s like the personification (goatification?) of ‘adorable’.

Plus, with Valentine’s day coming up, some might prefer the delightfully-named “Love Monkey”, a delightful pink, chimp-y Webkinz seen here:

And if you still demand further proof that they’re not going to stop tempting you with their precious little eyes, nor their fuzziness, we offer this image of the March 2009 Webkinz:

For those not in the know, Webkinz are stuffed beanbag toys that come with a unique code on the tag, allowing you to visit Webkinz.com and use the code to access a complete online world wherein you can play with your pet and a ton of cool accessories. Definitely worth checking out!

And in other news, the New York Comic Con starts this Friday and goes down throughout the weekend. As a dilligent geek, I’ll definitely be attending and will be sure to offer full reports from the convention when I return! It’s sure to be an awesome time and the guest list this year is beyond cool! See you then!


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