Custom Bakugans on eBay – Real or fakes

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

I am getting a lot of questions from parents concerning customized Bakugans.

What does customized mean?

“Custom Bakugan” means that the G power rating has been altered.  It is usually to alter the G power rating higher and allows the bakugan player to win a match with ease.  Usually the customizer adds a digit or two in front the existing G power number .  I have included some pictures I found on eBay of some examples of custom bakugans.

Can I play with custom bakugans?

No…you cannot use custom bakugans in tournament games.  However, you can play with friends at home but it is pretty unfair if you have a customized bakugan with 99,000G power rating creature.  Hey, some would consider it cheating.

Should I buy custom Bakugans?

I would not recommend purchasing these modified bakugans as you are paying a premium for a altered item that you cannot use in Tournament play.  If you like custom bakugans then simply use “white out” to paint the number you desire.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers by Spin master toys

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Bakugan Gift Set

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