Hellboy II collectibles and new Movie Masters Batman action figures!

Beyond the 7-inch action figures, Hellboy II: The Golden Army has also brought us some awesome new collectibles. We’ll check out two of them right now: the Deluxe Angel of Death figure and the 1:4 Scale Big Baby Prop Replica.


An enigmatic character in the film, the Angel of Death represents one of the most Del Toro-y creatures to be found outside the Troll Market in Hellboy II. Neither male nor female, living nor dead, it is a darkly beautiful being and Mezco has rendered it exquisitely. I’ve listed it just outside the action figure categry because only the wings and arms move and there are no joints, making this more of a plastic ‘statue’ than anything. But the paint work is sublime and brings out each individual eye for an effect that captures the character completely. It’s really, really worth it and the quality for the price (Only about $10-15 more than the regular figures) makes for a great value.


To fight the film’s Elemental, Hellboy needed more than just the Samaritan. He needed Big Baby. A massive piece of weaponry, it takes a lot from the art of Mike Mignola and the exaggerated quality of his Hellboy art, but also features the smirking Del Toro touch. It’s a brilliant piece and prop fans will be delighted to see how perfectly it’s been rendered even at its reduced size. It comes with a display base and makes an awesome addition to any toyshelf.


The Dark Knight action figures were some of the coolest this year, a huge step up from what the Batman Begins figures we saw way back when. In the new series, we can expect to see Two-Face/Dent and more Joker and Batsy. Still no word on whether I will get my awesome Jonathan Crane figure with removable, but I keep hope alive for…I don’t know, maybe 2012? Hold on to the dream!

For now, however, I will have to be content with the amazing Two-Face figure from Hot Toys. Harvey Dent is probably my favourite character in the Batman universe and Aaron Eckhart did a great job with the character. The Hot Toys/DC Direct 13” version represent’s 2009’s “Most expensive figure I am compelled to purchase”.

Look at it!

It’s so nice.