Mezco’s Hellboy II Action Figures, Series One – Part 2!

Continuing with the reviews of the first series of Mezcos brilliant Hellboy II action figures, we’ve got the 3 other included characters who serve to back up Liz, Hellboy and Abe Sapien. They include my personal favourites from the collection, as well as the villain from the film, who might be the series’ weakest new addition.


The newest addition to the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, German specialist Johann Krauss (voiced by Family Guy’s Seth McFarlane) also makes a great addition to Mezco’s line. Naturally, his suit doesn’t offer a great deal of articulation, but that’s pretty much in-line with the movement of the character. And he comes with alternate hands so that Krauss, an ectoplasmic man, can exit the suit in puffs of ‘smoke’, and also an alternate cracked dome helmet. The sculpting is really impressive–He was the first toy I picked up (for reasons I’ll mention in the next post!) and I think he was a great choice.


Luke Goss’ Prince Nuada is, unfortunately, the weakest of the collection. For reasons unkown, they chose his least appealing outfit from the film, but more importantly, the likeness is way, way off. Admittedly, it’s hard to capture strong features likes Goss’ and make it look perfect, but it’s really off and the thick paint they’ve gone with on this series makes it look a little bulky. The clothing and hair are also pretty bendy and, worst of all, he suffers from the same problem as the Legolas toys from Lord of the Rings: he can barely stand up on his twiddly leggs. It’s a shame, because the character was really visually striking. THe accessories are his weapons, and they’re pretty great, like the rest of the weapons from this collection, and his paint job is very nice, too, especially on the red fabric.


If size matters, then Wink’s already won. But beyond that, this is one stunning figure. He’s amazingly heavy (much like the first movie toys’ Sammael), stands head and shoulders above the other characters and is perfectly detailed. The hairs on his back, the addition of a retractable iron hand (on real metal chain), the detailing of his crest and outfit and the sculpting of his whole body has to be seen to be believed. He’s a great movie monster and he translates beautifully into the Mezco figure. Even the figure’s one weakness isn’t really a weakness: when the figures were being designed, Wink had a different look in the film and his sculpting reflects that. So what the folks at Mezco have done is made it possible for you to order, free of charge, a new head for the figure that is film-accurate. It’s an awesome way for them to tackle the problem and a pretty classy move. I love this item.

Next time: Hellboy II and more! Including Hellebration (what is it?) and some news about the Batman Movie Masters!