Mezco’s Hellboy II Action Figure Collection: Series One! (Part 1)

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Hope that all your 2009 action figure dreams come true!

To start the year off right, we’re going to take a look at some of the latest work from the action figure wizards at Mezco: The HELLBOY II line!

In a summer of massive movies, it was easy to overlook Hellboy II, which arrived a week before the juggernaut that was The Dark Knight. But the film managed to succeed and really make a mark on the movie-going community, bringing the unique vision of director Guillermo Del Toro to the creations of Mike Mignola in an action packed urban fantasy starring Ron Perlman, Doug Jones, Selma Blair, Luke Goss, Anna Walton and featuring the voice talents of Family Guy’s Seth McFarlane. For anyone who hasn’t checked it out on DVD yet, here’s a trailer:

And with the film came the first series of Mezco’s Hellboy II action figures. The figures from the first film were brilliantly sculpted and painted as well impressively articulated for posing and display and these ones follow in that fine tradition.

(and Hellboy variant with sword!)
The Hellboy figure is an awesome one, capturing Perlman’s likeness expertly and bringing a ton of emotion into the expression in a way that’s actually rare in most figures–his snarl also shows off some very neatly painted teeth! And the accessories are to die for, each one perfectly film-accurate and with little flourishes that have always made Mezco toys one of the best. The coat isn’t as sturdy as that of the HB figures from the first film, but it’s easily overlooked. This is a great figure.


The absence of a Liz Sherman figure was the only problem with the waves of figures from the first film, but Selma Blair’s pyrokinetic BPRD agent has finally been brought to figure form! With alternate hands that allow her to carry a gun and light her blue flames, plus detailed clothing and great articulation (especially for a female figure), she’s definitely a worthy addition–even if the likeness isn’t 100%.


The new Abe figure comes with new accessories and switchable hands, so he can finally use a gun like the rest of the agents, bringing out more of his comic persona. The figure’s not quite as well painted as the original Abe Sapien was, but it’s a great figure–the colour is simply just a little too bright and the paint a little too thick in some areas. But with the accessories, articulation and boots, it still deserves a place with collectors.

That’s all for now! In part 2, look for reviews of Prince Nuada, Wink and BPRD special agent Johann Krauss!