BakuSwap Bakugan Collection (Part 2)

Bakugan Banner

The Bakuswap B2 Bakugan collection is here and with it, a ton of new colours and revisions of your old favourites.

The kids in the store have been drooling since these new bakugans have been released. They can’t get enough of them. Some pictures I took:

Tuskor Aquos Bakugan

Exedra Bakuswap Bakugan

Tan Oberus Bakuswap Bakugan

BakuSwap is the newest release of creastures for the Bakugan Battle Brawler World. New bakugans with high G-power ratings is always welcome! Over the next few days, I will be posting additional images of these cute little bakugans.

We are currently running a Bakugan Contest.  Wanna enter and play….click the image below to win a Bakugan Training

Bakugan Battle Training DVD

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My Favorite Bakugan ball is…

Cmdstore Logo is one of the only retailers able to offer the season’s number one hot toy,Bakugan, in such huge and diverse quantities, with every accessory possible still available for sale through the site! Cmdstore has so many bakugan choices from: opened/loose and sealed boosters, starters, arenas, launchers to customized gift sets, you will always find something for your budget. They are a member of the Better Business Bureau so you can always buy with confidence.

Bakupearl Bakugan Gift Set


14 thoughts on “BakuSwap Bakugan Collection (Part 2)

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  2. ooo! hah! in the show, they say 350g’s as tons of g power. i got a ventus dragonoid with 590! plus a ventus exedra with 490, plus my cousin has one with 650! my fave bakugan i have is my haos wavern, (with a matching character card) i have 2 of the legendary bakugans. (frosche and exedra)

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  4. Pingback: Bakugan G-Power List » Blog Archive » BakuSwap Bakugan Collection (Part 2)

  5. Hola, esto es algo genial y cool, me gustan mucho, yo tengo de 390g, 600g, etc.. tengo algunos mas. Por favor me gustara cambiar informacion con alguien que tambien los tenga. Gracias y saludos.

  6. Hola yo tambien tengo Bakugan y me gustan mucho estan de moda… jejejje… me gustaria cambiar informacion con alguien que tenga tambien. Gracias y saludos.


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