Megan Fox Fans Fooled by ‘Wonder Woman’ Hoax

Meagan Fox as Wonder Woman

Ever since her breakout role in “Transformers,” 22-year-old brunette beauty Megan Fox has gained an enormous fanbase online. So it was big news this week when revealed that she would be portraying DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman in an upcoming big screen adaptation. There’s only one problem: it’s a hoax.

In the “Holy Trinity” of DC Comics superheroes, one iconic character has been conspicuously missing from movie screens. Superman had his heyday in the 70s, Batman in the 90s, and both have been revived in the past three years. But Wonder Woman, the Amazonian princess with the magic lasso and invisible plane, has not had a live-action portrayal since the last episode of the TV series aired in 1979. There have been attempts in recent years to put together a film version at Warner Bros. Pictures shepherded by Joel Silver, veteran producer of the “Lethal Weapon” and “Matrix” franchises. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” creator Joss Whedon was attached to write and direct, but he left the project for “creative differences” last year.

Then out of nowhere the site appeared with an image of the Wonder Woman logo over an American flag with the words “The Truth Will Be Revealed!” below. As the days progressed, bits of the background were torn away to reveal the figure underneath. Finally, the image of Fox in full costume was unveiled, with DC Comics, Silver Pictures, and Warner Bros. logos in the lower right-hand corner.

Many movie websites ran with the news that Fox had indeed been cast in the role. It was believed that Warner Bros. was attempting to leak the information virally like they did for the first photo of the Joker last year for “The Dark Knight.”

The site is very well done, with obvious but accomplished Photoshop work on the Fox photo. It’s also up in the air as to when the “Wonder Woman” film will happen. The studio had indicated that the character would be a part of the “Justice League” movie that was in development earlier this year, but that film has been put on hold as well. However, Wonder Woman is getting a direct-to-DVD animated movie (see below) from the same producers as the successful “Justice League: The New Frontier” and “Batman – Gotham Knight.” Featuring the voice of Keri Russell (“Mission: Impossible III”), “Wonder Woman” hits shelves in February 2009. Megan Fox will actually be seen next in “Jennifer’s Body,” a horror movie written by Oscar-winner Diablo Cody.

Wonder Woman and the JLA Boys

Wonder Woman and the JLA Boys: Superman just returned from Celebrity Biggest Losers and Flash looks a little frisking if you ask me.

Here is that Wonder Woman animated direct to DVD movie trailer:


Which size Bakugans are the best?

We reorganized the Bakugan section in our store, but what you may not know, was we did this in order to make room for the newest line of Bakugan! B2, or Bigger Brawlers, as they are called, is the newest line to be produced, they include all new characters and are about 1.5 times the size of the original Bakugan! We just ran our 3rd Bakugan tournament (November 8th) and it was a huge success with tons of kids battling it out in the Battle Brawler Arena.

Number one question I get about Bakugans:

Q: What are the different sizes of Bakugan available and which one is the one I should be buying?

A: Well, well….this is really two questions. Let me try and answer this. There are currently three different sizes of Bakugan. Series 1 Regular sized are the first ones released over a year ago and Series 2 was release in November/2008 (slighly bigger than regular marbles).  Brand New B2 – Bakupearl just came out recently and are about the size of a ping pong ball. Deka was released a few months ago and are the size of a softball. The most popular sized bakugans are the Series 1, 2 and B2 Bakupearls….so you can’t go wrong buying those. The Deka are less popular because they are big and difficult to carry around.

3 different sizes of Bakugans you can currently buy


How to do a correct bakugan roll so the creature lands on the card:

Bakugan Battle Brawlers by Spin master toys

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James Bond Quantum of Solace Movie

Daniel Craig is James BondWhen Sideshow announced a few years ago that they had obtained the James Bond license to make 12″ action figures, toy-minded 007 fans around the world emitted a collective shriek of joy that would have paralyzed Ernst Blofeld himself. The James Bond franchise has been around for forty years, and in that time toy facsimiles of the world’s most famous secret agent have not only been few and far between, they’ve also generally been lousy. Various small-sized figures of 007 have been issued throughout the years, some plastic, some metal, but most attempts of the ’60s and ’70s bore little resemblance to Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery or Roger Moore.

It’s arguable that no American company currently makes better 1/6 scale action figures than Sideshow Toy. Their facial sculpts, paint detail and costuming are second to none. While other manufacturers tend to make 12-inch figures with odd-looking shrunken heads and rubbery, translucent faces (namely, Toy Biz and 21st Century Toys) or nice head sculpts that are indifferently painted and stuck on top of beefy, He-Man-style bodies with stumpy arms (that would be Hasbro), Sideshow markets their toys to adult collectors and consequently works very hard to make their action figures look like the actual human beings they’re supposed to resemble, meaning they have human proportions, realistic paint jobs and impeccable recreations of their real-life clothing. They also come with accessories that are often ingenious in their appropriateness.

Oh yeah, my least favorite Bond is Timothy Dalton.  Nuff Said.

casino royale quantum of solace james bond movie

Kotobukiya Marvel Studios Statue: Iron Man Movie 13 inch Statue

How Cool is this Iron Man Statue

Inspired by the original promotional one-sheet for the film, Kotobukiya’s Movie ARTFX Iron Man Fine Art Statue stands 13 inches tall.   Stan Winston Studios fabricated the suit for the film based on designs by comic artist extraordinaire Adi Granov, and every detail of Iron Man’s Mark III armor has been faithfully replicated by the craftsmen at Kouei Matsumoto in 1/6th scale.

Manufactured in cold cast porcelain and coated with metallic paint, the Iron Man Fine Art Statue even features multiple LED lights: eyes, Repulsor Ray palms, and the Unibeam on his chest. The base is ornamented with a sculpted Iron Man film logo on a three-dimensional realization of his chest symbol, and painted in the Mark I color scheme. Each statue is individually numbered on the bottom of the base as part of a Limited Edition.Iron Man Kotobukiya Collection Statued Numbered

Bakugan Battle Brawlers Boosters Starters Battle Packs Launchers

Bakugan Arena packed with 6x Single Bakugan

Bakugan Arena Mega Pack with 6x Single Bakugans

The world is being overtaken by Bakugan Battle Brawlers.  Yes…these little marble creatures will soon rule earth.  We have been selling tons of these little creatures from our retail stores and website.  We have opened up thousands of starters and battle packs to fill orders.

Loose Bakugans and Magnetic CardsBakugan Battle Packs and LaunchersBakugan Battle Arena Mega Packs

Here is a quick video of the popular characters/creatures from Bakugan…such as Dragonoid, Preyas, Tigerra, and all…..

Toys on Fire (retail store in Nepean, Ottawa) is having their third Bakugan Tournament held at the store on Saturday, November 8th (starts at 2pm).  For Rules and more info… here.

Bakugan TournamentBakugan Tournamentbakugan tournament

Montreal ToyCon – Toy and Comic Book Show May 3, 2009

Montreal ToyCon May 3, 2009 Sunday

Montreal ToyCon May 3, 2009 Sunday

The next Montreal Toy and Comic show will be held on Sunday, May 3rd, 2009 from 10am to 5pm.  Be there or be square!

What will you find at the show:

  • Tons of Action Figures, Statues, and Toys (ie. Transformers, Star Wars, GI-Joe, Marvel, DC, McFarlane, Neca, & more).
  • Comic Books
  • Costumed characters (Alliance Imperiale) of your favorite Movie, Anime or Comic book
  • Customized Lego creations on display from Quelug Lego Club
  • Clubs (be sure to join one of several different clubs attending…Concept, MonSFFA, & more)
  • Door Prizes announced every 2 hours

We have several stores displaying at the show:

Are you a dealer or retail store that wants to display at the show?   Tables (six feet long) are only $45 each (taxes included).  Check out the Montreal ToyCon website for more details.