Online Bakugan Video Games

Bakugan Video Games

There are plans to release the Bakugan Video game on the Nintendo DS platform only. Although, I think Bakugan would be great on the Nintendo Wii platform instead. Imagine waving your Wii remote to mimic rolling the bakugan balls….that would be cool.

I found an online petition for Bakugan video games. Sign the online petition and get them to make bakugan video games for all gaming platforms (ie. PS2, PS3, xBox 360, Wii, DS, PsP).

Will Spin Master Toys go interactive with their hot new property: Bakugan Battle Brawlers. Our retail stores sells tons of Chaotic cards (Collectible Card Game) which requires that you go online to activate codes found on your card to play. Webkinz has a similar product (buy a plush toy and use the code to create a new animal in their virtual online world).

Bakugan would be a great concept for an online virtual game. Will they take the plunge and allow their game be played interactively online? Only time will tell.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers by Spin master toys


Abis Omega Bakugan

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17 thoughts on “Online Bakugan Video Games

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  2. I am addicted to this show, and have just started collecting the Bakugan Trading Card Game.
    Another obsession, Oh Well! Have fun in life is what I always say.

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  4. yeah just google it and there are games online but that doesn’t beat owning a game though 😉

  5. make a bakugan game where you can move the bakugan and at the star of the the game the starters should be shun marucho dan julie ace baron apectra and lynk and volt

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