How to Repair your Bakugan?

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

I noticed that a fair amount of kids always ask me to repair their Bakugan.  These Bakugan balls are not made of steel so they do wear down over time.

The most common problem with the Bakugan is the ball not opening when they land on the metal card.  Well, there is nothing you can do.  You can try and gently force open the ball however, you will have the same problem once you close it up.  I have dismantled several bakugans and had no success fixing them.  Sorry there is no quick solution….we usually place the Bakugan Warriors to rest in the Baku Sematary. Hopefully, they don’t resurrect during some nuclear accident and become Zombies.  Yes…Zombie Bakugans will eat human flesh!

Loose Open Bakugan

We have opened up thousands of Bakugans and only got a few defective ones.   They usually work great right out of the package however through many uses they wear out.  It is normal wear and tear on the Bakugans.  They really don’t age well.  Make sure you have a good arsenal of Bakugans in case you get permanent injuries to your beloved creatures.

Bakugan Launcher

The only item I do not recommend is the older bakugan launcher (pictured above).  It is probably the worse bakugan accessory ever made.   It is poorly made and usually breaks.  Also, the B2 Bakupearls (slight bigger Bakugans) do not fit into them.   I think Spin Master is fazing them out and replacing them with the new Hand Launcher (which is a much better product).  The new Bakugan Hand Launcher fits all bakugans (except for the Deka series).

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