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Working in a retail toy store requires a lot of patience. Usually parents drop off their child in our store and then we have to be a daycare for the next hour or so while the mom is shopping or getting her hair done. Don’t get me wrong….I love kids, I just like to tease them a bit. The number one Bakugan question the kids ask me when i work at the store:

What is your favorite Bakugan?

MY ANSWER: So many to chose from….they are all like my children. How can you pick one over the other? How can you love one more than the other?

Now, I do have a tendency to always play my Black Darkus Hydranoid in Bakugan tournaments (he’s my secret weapon). I also have a liking to my Red Preyas (pictured below). So…which one is my favorite…..mmmm

Red Preyas Bakugan Loose High G-PowerWait, I do not love one of my Bakugan more than the other. It doesn’t matter if one is wonderful and the other is a little two-headed devil (with a High G-Power rating), they are all my children and could not even dream of making a comparison to them. I think that is incredibly selfish, the Bakugan creatures will notice and might resent each other for it. That just isn’t fair to either bakugan and I need good Karma when I play them!

Yeah…the kids usually don’t get my sense of humor.


Being in the retail toy business for so many years, it is really important that parents take an active part in their child’s interest. Play board games together….it is a great way to be a close family. Don’t let them hide in their rooms playing computer/video games. I paid a visit to a friend’s home the other day and noticed that every member of the family was on their own computer typing away (except for Mom…who was on her CrackBerry). What is happening here? Does anyone see it? Anyways, I am starting to rant….sorry. Let’s get off this subject.

Below are some pictures from our last Bakugan Tournament in early November/2008. It’s really great to see the parents supporting their kids. It was very noisy and extremely fun. I don’t have another tournament date yet. Stay tuned.

Bakugan Tournamentbakugan tournament

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—-///-\\\—-Put This
—|||—|||—On Your
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—|||—|||—You Know
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—–\\///—–Who Died
—-///–\\\—Or who may be suffering from it


43 thoughts on “My Favorite Bakugan

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  2. mines gotta be the one that got me started……i payed $2.50 for him on the bus b4 school i had no idea who it was it jus amused me… i later find out tht its an aquos delta dragonoid with 450 gs i was so happy then i got a tricky gate gate card and used it 2 beat this kid tht had an aquos dragonoid with 520 gs (the bakugan with the lower g power wins on tht card) so i won tht kids dragonoid so if i hadnt payed $2.50 for my drago i wuda never been into the game lol and thts my story

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  4. My favorite bakugan is my 710gs Hades and my 2nd favorite bakugan is Alpha Hydranoid (3 headed Hydranoid).

  5. my fav is my sub-terra blade tigerra. a big power rating 550g .smnall I no but look at tv, on bakugan dan has dragonoid with 350 gs he had 750gs a one point in a battle

    it’s not just about the bakugan it’s about the cards too

  6. Were is it at please tell me.I realy like play bakugan.I will buy all of the bakugan if I have to so please tell me

  7. please tell me were it is being held at I will buy ever bakugan if I have to.So please tell me.If you do I can give you a strong bakugan.I have been playing bakugan ever senes it came out.I realy need this tournament.Me and my dad play it every day

  8. And also my favoriet bakugan is Alpha Duel Hydrianod.If you have one I will trade you of my bakugan for it.If you dont trade it I can give you my skateboarde singned by tony hawk.So please trade me I will give you any thing

  9. mine has to be the one i strted with Alpha Percival i found him laying on the street so i bought some more i have never been def.

  10. My favorite has to be my Ventus Alpha Percival. I payed for him and he has helped me in MANY battles. Although my Darkus Alpha Hydranoid is awesome and strong.

  11. The new Altai Bakugan is used mostly by Lync to battle the evil Resistance. Altair Bakugan is the first Mechanical Bakugan, (what does this mean?). The lenses in Atlai’s red Bakugan eyes glimmer brightly to see through the darkness of night. Altair has fangs and horns that are as sharp as best battle swords. Altair’s wide spread wings have spinners to hover and white steam shoots from Altair’s mouth. Altair possesses a fierce battle cry that deafens its opponents. The huge mechanical monster was created by Professor Clay.


  13. I have 3 favourites ventus skyress,darkus hydranoid(1 head) and blitz dragonoid.I’ve got the hydranoid and a blitz dragonoid with 900gs people.

    Blitz Dragonoid fires out laser beams from his top horn to deactivate his enemy’s special ability. His wings wrap around his body to deflect fireballs. Being one of the strongest Bakugan, he knocks out the opposition by wielding his strong forked tail. When it’s time for battle, his battle cry is heard from miles away.

    I’ve never lost with my blitz dragonoid and if u think I’m lying then either google blitz dragonoid or contact me on this email address and I send you a picture of it.

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