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Working in a retail toy store requires a lot of patience. Usually parents drop off their child in our store and then we have to be a daycare for the next hour or so while the mom is shopping or getting her hair done. Don’t get me wrong….I love kids, I just like to tease them a bit. The number one Bakugan question the kids ask me when i work at the store:

What is your favorite Bakugan?

MY ANSWER: So many to chose from….they are all like my children. How can you pick one over the other? How can you love one more than the other?

Now, I do have a tendency to always play my Black Darkus Hydranoid in Bakugan tournaments (he’s my secret weapon). I also have a liking to my Red Preyas (pictured below). So…which one is my favorite…..mmmm

Red Preyas Bakugan Loose High G-PowerWait, I do not love one of my Bakugan more than the other. It doesn’t matter if one is wonderful and the other is a little two-headed devil (with a High G-Power rating), they are all my children and could not even dream of making a comparison to them. I think that is incredibly selfish, the Bakugan creatures will notice and might resent each other for it. That just isn’t fair to either bakugan and I need good Karma when I play them!

Yeah…the kids usually don’t get my sense of humor.


Being in the retail toy business for so many years, it is really important that parents take an active part in their child’s interest. Play board games together….it is a great way to be a close family. Don’t let them hide in their rooms playing computer/video games. I paid a visit to a friend’s home the other day and noticed that every member of the family was on their own computer typing away (except for Mom…who was on her CrackBerry). What is happening here? Does anyone see it? Anyways, I am starting to rant….sorry. Let’s get off this subject.

Below are some pictures from our last Bakugan Tournament in early November/2008. It’s really great to see the parents supporting their kids. It was very noisy and extremely fun. I don’t have another tournament date yet. Stay tuned.

Bakugan Tournamentbakugan tournament

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