How to play Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Bakugan Battle Brawlers by Spin master toys

How to Play Bakugan

I found some instructions from wikiHow but they appear a little confusing so I revised it. The official instructions from Spin Master Toys (makers of Bakugan) are not that much better. I actually got great playing instructions and tips from kids in the store.

This game requires nerves of steel. Try and follow the instructions below:

  1. Get a Bakugan. Pick your favorite or one with a high G-Power Rating.
  2. Put one game card facedown in the center of the battle arena in the slot furthest away from you. Players take turns shooting Bakugan Battle Brawlers with the youngest player going first. Players must shoot from at least two card lengths away. To shoot you can roll it like a marble with your thumb (or if you have the Bakugan hand launcher, you can use that).
  3. Players shoot until any two opponents’ Bakugan “stand” on the same card, meaning magnetically fasten and open, and battle. Compare the “G Power” of the battling Bakugan (it’s indicated on the sphere). Flip the card over and each player adds or subtracts the G Power Boost shown on the card. For example, 350 G Power plus 150 G Power Boost equals 500 total G Power
  4. The player with the highest G Power wins the battle, capturing the card and the defeated Bakugan. If players tie in a battle, each player keeps his Bakugan and the card is removed from play. If only one lands on it they get the card and bakugan. If you knock a bakugan off a card its an automatic knock out and you capture the bakugan and card.
  5. If you stand two of your Bakugan on a card, you automatically capture that card. You cannot shoot captured Bakugan (they are out of play for the rest of the game).
  6. Players battle until all the cards are captured. Each player then counts up the total Holo Sector Points, or HSP, of his captured cards (HSP are marked on each card) and adds 100 HSP for each captured Bakugan. The player with the most HSP wins.
  7. Pretty Simple Rules/Instructions. And if you lose in a battle don’t be sad…you can do battle another day. You don’t get to keep anyones bakugan and cards if you win (they are returned to each player).

I also found some simple instructions on how to play Bakugan Battle Brawler from YouTube which is pretty easy to follow. Remember: Don’t get frustrated with this game…you will get better.

Bakugan Tournament