Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Bakugan Battle Brawlers by Spin master toys

Bakugan B2 Bakupearl

There are sooo many Bakugan creatures (from Series 1,2 to B2 Bakupearls) that your adult brain can get fried just trying to remember them all. It is amazing how our little loved ones know it all and can probably beat us at a Bakugan Trivia Game. I started playing Bakugan with kids that came into our store (yeah, I must have been bored) and actually found it fun. I also got a chance to learn from the kids. I normally play all games that we carry in the store to get a feel of the game play. Half the games I test are usually boring however, I got kind of hooked on bakugan! The game has flaws no doubt but if you get the right collection of balls and cards there is a very nice game here. Below are some popular questions parents ask me in the store before attempting to buy bakugan:

dividerQ: What should you look for when buying bakugans?

A: All kids want bakugan creatures that have a high G power rating (ie. 540G or 670G would be pretty powerful in gameplay). For this reason, we open up thousands of bakugans and sell them loose (so kids can get the specific G-Power rating bakugan they want).   When you buy sealed packs, you are unable to see what the G power is.  We usually open up 10-12 Starter packs before we find a really high G-power Bakugan and that is why they are priced so expensively.   Once they have been removed from the package, the bakugans are called ‘LOOSE’.   If you are buying for a very young child then the G power rating might not be so important.  However, don’t be surprised that your 6 or 7 year old will know about the value of high G power bakugans.  These kids talk among themselves and are very well educated in Bakugan.


Q: What color should I get and what are the names of these different colors?

A: You should buy the color your kid requests. Every kid has their own preferences so make sure you ask them before buying. Below are the names of the basic colors so when your child ask for ‘Pryus’, now you know what color you need to buy. Don’t buy random colors as I have so many parents return to buy the specific color their child wanted. It can save you a trip back to the store and headaches by just asking your child what color they want.  If you happen to see them at your local Wal-Mart or Toys R Us, just concentrate on buying the colors your child likes….you can always return the extra ones you don’t need (however, that is very unlikely).   Be agressive…know the color you want and attack!!!  There will be nothing left if you are unsure and plan to return later on.

  • Red = Pyrus
  • Tan = SubTerra
  • Blue = Aquos
  • Black = Darkus
  • Green = Ventus


Q: What is the difference between Booster and Starter pack?

A: Booster pack consist of a single bakugan. Starter pack consist of 3 random colored bakugans. Each pack will come with metal card(s).  Since each bakugan is sealed in their packaging, you will probably be unable to see what the G-Power rating for each creature.  Pictured below (Booster Packs on the left and Starter Packs on the right):

Bakugan Booster PackAssorted Bakugan Starter Deck


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  3. My nephew has the Bakugan battle arena and the launcher. We would like to buy more Bakugan gifts for him. What Bakugan products would you suggest? He will be 8 years old in a few months.

  4. If he has no preference of color….I would recommend you get him some random Starter packs which consist of 3 assorted Bakugans.

    Try and buy B2 Bakupearls rather than Series 1 or 2. They are all compatible in gameplay…but make sure the B2 bakugan will fit in his present launcher. Series 1 and 2 only fits the launcher that wraps around your hand.

    Here is a picture of the Hand Launcher that fits all types of Bakugan (ie. Series 1,2 and B2 Bakupearl):

    B2 Bakupearls are slightly larger in size and are generally more powerful (higher G Power) than the basic Series 1 and 2 bakugans. Here is a link to see what the B2 Bakupearl Starter Packs look like:

  5. Is there a list of characters somewhere?

    He want Skyress (is this the same as Storm Skyress?)

    What does ZEPHYROZ mean?

  6. Is there a list of characters somewhere?

    He wants Skyress – is this the same as Storm Skyress?

    What does ZEPHYROZ mean

  7. Is there a list of characters somewhere?

    He wants Skyress – is this the same as Storm Skyress?

    What does ZEPHYROZ mean

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  10. Does anyone know about a white and purple bakugan named naga?
    My son wants this but I dont see anything like this.
    please help…..

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  12. Are G values random/unique across identically packaged bakugan? i.e. same color, class, type may have different G values? Thanks!

  13. whats the name of the clear white looking one and are all the bigger bakugan those bakupearls u mentioned . thanks

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  15. My boys love Bakugan so as a treat I went online to buy one as they were sold out at every store.
    The only problem was that I wasn’t able to pick out which one as the product says random.
    Luckily, we were sent a “good” one as my son put it. It happened to be a “rare” one that he loved.
    It was a starter pack so it came with three Bakugan.
    As far as durability, two of the Bakugan broke within a few weeks but overall they were so excited
    to receive the package in the mail and had a great time playing.

  16. Bakugan is the best toy ever made. My son truly loves every Bakugan that he owns and he plays with them every day for hour on end. When his friends come over and they play the tournament game they are so involved that it is like having a babysitter for 1/8 the cost. It is so educational also where he learns math and counting and numbering matching witht he elements. However this listing is for random starter packs so I would suggest buying this only for the first set because unless you can choose you will end up with duplicates. So after buying one of these I would suggest buying specific booster packs or green skyress 650G. Also Series 1 is more detailed and durable also. I would suggest buying more series 1 than bakupearl due to the quality being so much better on the series 1 and 2. But any Bakugan is awesome. This is the best toy ever made and it also teaches you child that there are better things than video games.

  17. My two grandsons really love the Bakugan balls. One of them takes them to school in his backpack! My advice is to be cautious when purchasing the single ‘loose’ balls. Some of them could be highly overpriced.

  18. My 4 year old boys love Bakugan. I love that they are small enough for them to carry around in their pockets, but big enough to not get lost in their playroom. The Bakugan balls don’t always close properly and my boys get frustrated. But they have been fun for them.

  19. I bought a couple of these packs for my two boys. First, I am glad that the random selection of the packs resulted in two different product trios… they would not have been happy if they received the same thing. Second, at the ages of 4 and 8, my boys don’t know or follow any of the official Bakugan rules. Nevertheless, they have plenty of fun looking at the cards and using their imagination to create a little world of their own. There is enough entertainment rolling up the balls and then triggering them open with the cards. I recommend these packs for an introduction to a clever set of toys.

  20. My son is 9 and asked me for a Bakugan toy. I didnt know what to get or even how to spell his request. I did a google search which took me right here. I ordered the started kit since he didnt have any other Bakugan toys. Needless to say he was very happy with what the Easter Bunny brought him

  21. My children loved these toys. However, we bought this to go with the launchers and didn’t realize that the ball itself comes in different sizes. Neither product says what specific ball to use. So if you are buying the starter pack to use with the launcher, beware that the bigger size will not work.

  22. The toys themselves are great, the only issue I’ve had is the “selection”. It says styles and colors vary, but I’ve ordered 6 of these sets and every single one of them has been red, no other colors. So if your child is just starting out, this would be ok, but if they are trying to expand their collection, I’d be wary of ordering this.

  23. 19 of 21 people found the following review helpful:
    3.0 out of 5 stars If you want Bakugan get the Series 1 or 2. . . , December 6, 2008
    By Robin R. Brenner Perault (Ohio) – See all my reviews
    Durability:2.0 out of 5 stars Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars Educational:1.0 out of 5 stars
    I ordered these thinking I was getting the original starter packs but then B2s showed up in the mail. I was excited because I hadn’t seen them before & I knew my son didn’t have any of them. Then we opened the package & they are sooooooo cheaply made it’s ridiculous. It’s as with any toy from China that is in demand, they knew it was a hot item & went cheap on us making it so we’d have to get more. If your child is into Bakugan go on ebay & look up the Series 1 or 2 regular small marbles. They aren’t that expensive at the time of writing this because the majority of people want the high number Gs which the B2s do have. But my son is 5 1/2 & could care less about the Gs. Yes, he knows what they are & we play the game but he cares more about the character marble he has & which one goes according to the cartoon at the time. I have gotten every character off of ebay. ..and I have not been disappointed in ONE of the series 1 or 2 marbles. They are awesome. So, just find out which ones your child wants look them up & order from there. My son has been playing non-stop with the series 1 & 2 marbles since September(learned about this on the school bus) & they still open & shut awesomely. Got the B2s about a month and a half ago & they don’t open all the way or their legs are loose. Skyress is an absolute pain in the tush to close. CRAP! So, good luck I know we get what we can for our kids & this is a good price right now compared to ebay ($18 at time of writing this). Just had to send this out so you’d know what I learned!

  24. This toy does not have any educational value :))
    However, kids love this. This is like new-age-Pokemon, but this is very unique and entertaining. Three Bakugan are in one pack, and here at, you can not know what you are gonna get till you open the box. But, the price is cheaper than other stores, and if your kids are not into Bakugan collection deeply, they can be very happy to own different type of Bakugans.
    Durability, I would say these are not fragile. Kids throw and drop these but usually they are just fine. But my kindergartener did something to it on the very day I gave it to him, and one bakugan’s neck is broken now. So it won’t close anymore.
    Again, this is not educational at all, but it is a very cool toy. It even amazed a 36-years-old man.

  25. I got this toy from Christmas and I enjoy playing with it. I like that it can stand up on metal and that you can trade them with your friends. I don’t like that a dog can easily break them and sometimes I lose them in the house.

  26. Hello

    Thanks for sharing this bakugan info….as a grandmother who doesn’t know anything now I know a little more of what I am buying and what to look for.

  27. The faq above does not list the Grey (HAOS).

    I have been searching everywhere for what is the Highest possible G power know to be real on ANY of the Bakugan battle brawlers. Any one know?

  28. Hi me again. =P I just got a reply to an email I sent to support at Spinmaster.
    Here is the reply.

    Chris Coburn
    to me

    show details 12:21 PM (4 hours ago)


    Hi John,

    Thank you for your email. The card on Ebay sounds like a fake. We have
    never heard of or seen a card with 850 g power boost. The highest card
    might have a 350 boost on it, possibly a bit higher but not by that much
    (maybe 400 but I have NEVER seen one that high). There are a lot of
    fakes on Ebay. On the Brawlers, the highest G-Power that we know of is
    800, but that would be very rare. I hope this information helps you.
    If there is anything else we can help you with, or if you have any
    further questions, please feel free to contact us.


    Spin Master Customer Care

  29. this is just to answer some questions(being a child myself) low powered ones like 100-300 are useful too when you have the”G-power exchange card” or the “Duck and Win” card(the lowest amount of G power wins). i suggest going with 2 high g-powered and 1 low for the competative people. the transparent ones could be any attribute so say you have a clear”ashy” bakugan and a card that powers aquos 140Gs you can choose that ashy bakugan to turn to aquos this battle then turn to pyrus the next. Naga is a “RARE” bakugan that is not really rare just hard to find(there are no white and purple but there are others)

    John Says:
    April 6, 2009 at 12:02 pm
    The faq above does not list the Grey (HAOS).

    I have been searching everywhere for what is the Highest possible G power know to be real on ANY of the Bakugan battle brawlers. Any one know?

    John the best thing you can do is buy a strong one then get ability cards to boost it up, but thats just me. you could get “Preyas” and he could change attributes once per battle. i have a friend that could power his bakugan to about 1000Gs i didnt belive it until he showed me(started at 700Gs)

    To the Webmaster: you forgot to put the “Special Treatment” bakugan on here. Anyway the special treatment ones are smaller or the same size as the others but there is always something distinct about them like my darkus stinglash “special” is purple and black while the other ones are just black they are very useful if you have the “special boost” card it powers up by attribute and then X’s the amount you gained by every used gate card.

    Special Treatment
    Haos-Smaller than usual white (gold?) silver
    Darkus-purple/black mostly purple
    Subterra-lighter shade
    Storm-Skyress is the 2nd form of skyress ZEPHYROZ is Ventus
    thats all i know(Dang!! i did not know that i could type so much for a middle schooler)

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  31. i have a pyrus bakugan that has 600g’s’ that i dont the name of, it has three heads 2 are on the side side and look metalic the front 1 has metalic horns,and it has a long tail and fold out wings under the 2 side heads and a pair of feet that fold out foreward so could someone please tell me what it is

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