Bakugan Battle Brawlers Boosters Starters Battle Packs Launchers

Bakugan Arena packed with 6x Single Bakugan

Bakugan Arena Mega Pack with 6x Single Bakugans

The world is being overtaken by Bakugan Battle Brawlers.  Yes…these little marble creatures will soon rule earth.  We have been selling tons of these little creatures from our retail stores and website.  We have opened up thousands of starters and battle packs to fill orders.

Loose Bakugans and Magnetic CardsBakugan Battle Packs and LaunchersBakugan Battle Arena Mega Packs

Here is a quick video of the popular characters/creatures from Bakugan…such as Dragonoid, Preyas, Tigerra, and all…..

Toys on Fire (retail store in Nepean, Ottawa) is having their third Bakugan Tournament held at the store on Saturday, November 8th (starts at 2pm).  For Rules and more info… here.

Bakugan TournamentBakugan Tournamentbakugan tournament