Marvel Legends Avengers Infinity War Thanos Build a Figure Series in STOCK


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We are selling a sealed Case, set of 7 different figures to complete Thanos, and Iron Man.



DC Multiverse 6 Inch Action Figure DR. Psycho Series – Set of 4 (Build-A-Figure DR. Psycho)


Name: Set of 4 (Build-A-Figure DR. Psycho)
Category: DC Multiverse
Series: DR. Psycho Series
Manufacturer: Mattel
Type: Action Figure
Size: 6 Inch
Packaging: Window Box

Description: From Mattel. Fans and collectors will love these highly detailed 6″ key DC character figures. Each one features 20 points of articulation, detailed battle suits, authentic paint and iconic elements and a bonus piece! Choose from Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Aquaman, and Superman.

Marvel Gallery 10 Inch Statue Spider-Man Homecoming


Name: Spider-Man
Category: Marvel Gallery
Series: Spider-Man Homecoming
Manufacturer: Diamond
Type: Statue Figure
Size: 10 Inch
Packaging: Window Box

Description: The first Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-film is here, and we couldn’t be happier! To celebrate, we’ve created a Marvel Gallery PVC figure of Spidey in his new duds, clinging to the side of a building in typical Spider-Man fashion. Measuring approximately 10 inches tall, this diorama features detailed sculpting and paint and is in scale to all other Gallery and Femme Fatales figures. Packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios!

Optimus Prime Transformers Generations 4 Inch Figure Platinum Edition


Name: Optimus Prime
Category: Transformers Generations
Series: Platinum Edition
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Type: Action Figure
Size: 4 Inch
Packaging: Window Box

Description: Transformers Generations Platinum Edition sets feature figures with a high level of detail, plus premium features and packaging. This Platinum Edition Chinese New Year figure celebrates the Year of the Rooster by showcasing the Autobot Leader, Optimus Prime, with special edition deco and die-cast parts.

ptimus Prime battles the Decepticons whenever they threaten the cause of freedom.. Since the beginning, Autobot Roller has been his ally. With the scout car by his side and a combat deck housed within his trailer, Optimus Prime is unstoppable.

This Platinum Edition figure features die-cast parts and a converting trailer. It comes with an Autobot Roller vehicle, 6 additional figure hands, converting blaster, Matrix of Leadership, jetpack, and Energon axe accessories, plus a figure stand.

Wonder Woman Justice League Figure SH Figuarts


Name: Wonder Woman
Category: Justice League Movie
Series: S.H. Figuarts
Manufacturer: Tamashii Nations
Type: Action Figure
Size: 7 Inch
Packaging: Window Box

Description: From Tamashii Nations. From the Justice League movie comes a new addition to the S.H.Figuarts line, Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman figure will include multiple interchangeable hands, an additional swap out portrait, a sword, a shield and two lassos. She stands about 6″ tall and comes with a stand for display.

Marvel Legends Avengers Infinity War Thanos Build a Figure Series


Name: Set of 7 (Build-A-Figure Thanos)
Category: Marvel Legends Infinite
Series: Thanos Series
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Type: Action Figure
Size: 6 Inch
Packaging: Window Box

We are pre-selling the Thanos Marvel Legends Series for March 2018 release (next month).   You can buy the complete set of 7 different figures or one sealed case of 8 figures (which will include an extra Ironman figure).   Please do not make the mistake of buying a case if you only want the set.   The case will give you two Ironman figures.  Please know what you are buying.

This Thanos set will consist of the following figures:

  • Iron Spider
  • Captain America (Steve Rogers)
  • Ironman
  • Taskmaster
  • Serpent Society
  • Proxima Midnight
  • Songbird


Marvel Universe 12 Inch Statue ArtFX – Spider-Man Webslinger


Name: Spider-Man Webslinger
Category: Marvel Universe
Series: ArtFX
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Type: Statue Figure
Size: 12 Inch
Packaging: Boxed

Description: From Kotobukiya. A Kotobukiya Japanese import! In 1962 Stan Lee created the character of Spider-Man, the teen aged Peter Parker granted extraordinary powers by the bite of a radioactive spider, and now, everyone’s favorite neighborhood hero makes a dynamic entrance into the 1/6th scale ARTFX Statue series soaring through the skies of New York with the incredible Spider-Man Webslinger! Spider-Man is on the move, web swinging through the city on his way to take down the latest menace! The webslinger is captured like never before as he whips around a skyscraper with a strand of webbing reaching out to his next anchor point. Peter Parker wears his traditional red and blue costume, recreated here with painstaking sculpted detail in the fabric’s texture and the superhero’s lean muscled physique. His swinging pose, pulling down on the web strand as his legs start to rise, is taken directly from the comics, and the flexibility and movement adds a unique element to this presentation. In addition, the Webslinger statue is a new hybrid form with the New York skyscraper base constructed using cold casting to highlight the texture of the stonework while Spider-Man himself is made from PVC to capture the hero’s movement and detail. Crafted by master sculptor Kouei Matsumoto, Spider-Man Webslinger is in 1/6 scale as he swings through the cityscape. Bring home this high-flying hero before he swings off for good!