Justice League Batman is next up in black-and-white statue series

Renowned for his work on Marvel’s Captain Marvel and DC’s Green Lantern series, Brazilian artist Ivan Reis is in a class all his own. And now, with this exclusive collaboration between Reis and sculptor Mat Brouillard, you can own the Dark Knight himself for display among your other DC collectibles.

This stunning statue is crafted according to the aesthetic of the hugely popular comic-book series Justice League. Manufactured as a limited run of 5,200 to honor the quintessential New 52, this six-inch, black-and-white offering isn’t one to sleep on. Batman is encroached upon a fully functional display stand, with one foot off of the base and one foot on to create a “mid-movement” look. Harness the power of Gotham City’s hero now!

Who needs color, anyways?

Who needs color, anyways?

2014 Calgary Comic Book Expo

Here are some pics from our visit to the 2014 Calgary Comic Book Expo. Enjoy.

Montreal Toy and Comic Book Show October 18, 2009

Here are some photos of the most recent Montreal Comic Book and Toy show held at the Marriott Hotel in Montreal on October 18, 2009. If you missed it, just close your eyes for a moment….place yourself at the show…..and click the pics below.

We have not set a date for the next show….so keep your eyes peeled for any updates.

Review: Carsley’s Comics – Montreal Comic Book Retail Store

Tucked away in an office building in Downtown Montreal, Carsley’s Comics can be easy to miss for those not in the know. But comic book fans would do well to take note of its location and track it down for some of the best deals you’ll find in the city on a ton of comics both new and old.  They have an excellent subscription service so make sure you start your reserve there.

They recently took part in the Montreal ToyCon and we were happy to have them selling their wares and even giving away a number of items in celebration of Free Comic Book Day (May 1st). Personally, I picked up Batman: City of Crime for an awesome reduced convention price and I’ll definitely be heading back to their store very soon.

If you’re looking to check them out, you can head to Peel metro or drive down and get yourself to:

1117 St. Catherine Street West, Suite 917
Montreal, Quebec, H3B 1H9


Here’s a handy map! Plus, they can also be reached at: (514) 289-9761 (ask for the comic book store)

Batman and Mike Joffre

Next Date for Montreal Toycon will be in May 2009

Boba and Jango Fett

Boba and Jango Fett

We have been getting quite a bit of questions on the next show date of the Montreal ToyCon.  We are currently looking at relocating the show to downtown Montreal.  To try and keep the dealer table and general admission price down, we do not plan to have the show at the Convention Center (Palais des Congres) or the Place Bonaventure.  These two locations cost a fortune to rent and frankly…are a rip off.

We firmly believe in keeping low cost tables for the dealers so they can display a wide variety of products as well as offering great prices to the public.  The success of this toy and comic book show depends on all the hard working dealers who offer rare collectibles at a very reasonable price.  Of course, the show is also dependent on the scores of happy dedicated customers attending.  The combination of both has resulted in a great successful show thus far.

We would like to thank all our exhibitors:

Lego Club (QueLug). It was a pleasure meeting all these Lego experts and seeing their creations was a real treat.  We hope they return to the May 2009 show.  We have some cool pictures of their display.  Photos

501st Legion Quebec Garrison (Alliance Imperial). These are the costumed characters as pictured above.  From Star Wars Stormtroopers to Transformers, they really looked great.  Most of the costumes were homemade but they look so realistic, it was impressive.  You cannot buy these costumes at a store.  You can take a look at some of the photos from the show.  Bravo…guys and gals…can’t wait to check out their new costumes for the next show.   We desperately need to see Darth Vader.   Photos