Upcoming Convention Schedule

April 10, 2014

Please note that we will be heading towards our swing of conventions for the month of April and May, as such there will be delays in processing your order as most of our staff and inventory will be at these shows and we may not be able to process your order until after we return. We will be in Vancouver from April 18-20, Calgary from April 24-27, Regina from May 2-4 and Ottawa from May 9-11. During our month long trip we will not be able to answer phone calls but will be responding to e-mail on a limited basis. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you are planning to attend any of these shows, please drop by our booth.

Vancouver Fan Expo 2014 – Day Zero

April 17, 2014

We are setting up at the Vancouver Fan Expo right now.  Show is open to the public tomorrow.  Hopefully, we will be ready by then.

Vancouver Fan Expo 2014

Avengers Now Hulk Statue Artfx

April 11, 2014

Bruce Banner was a scientist studying the effects of gamma radiation when he was caught in an explosion. Rather than destroy him the energies transformed him into the massive green-skinned Hulk! The Avenger stands in a classic comic book pose, angled to the side and leaning forward with his arms outstretched. The Hulk has his leading hand open as though to taunt his enemies, though his right hand behind him is balled into a fist to deliver a mighty blow! The Hulk is fantastically detailed with intricate musculature down to his sinews and veins, and the harsh grimace on his face shows off the rage he can’t keep bottled up in battle. Banner’s alter ego wears his traditional tattered purple pants (no Hulk would be complete without them), and his skin is expertly painted with varying shades of green.

Kotobukiya Marvel Comics ArtFX Hulk Statue

Deathstorm Crime Syndicate DC Figure

April 3, 2014

FROM THE PAGES OF FOREVER EVIL! The Crime Syndicate’s molecular-manipulating madman, Deathstorm, and Superman’s infamous backwards-speaking bad guy, Bizarro, are the latest figures taking over your shelves.

Deathstorm Crime Syndicate FigureFROM THE PAGES OF FOREVER EVIL!  The Crime Syndicate’s molecular-manipulating madman, Deathstorm, and Superman’s infamous backwards-speaking bad guy, Bizarro, are the latest figures taking over your shelves.

Batman & Catwoman Kiss Hush Statue

March 31, 2014

The Dark Knight and the Feline Fatale steal a kiss in this intricately sculpted statue ripped from the pages of the best-selling BATMAN: HUSH graphic novel, illustrated by superstar artist Jim Lee. Limited Edition of 2500.

Batman & Catwoman Kiss Hush Statue


Grendizer Model Type Version 2 UFO Figure

March 30, 2014

Grendizer Model Type Version 2 Figure

Chun Li Street Fighter Bishoujo Figure

March 29, 2014

Chun Li is captured mid-kick, finishing off an unseen opponent with one of her signature moves from the Street Fighter video games. She rests solely on her right foot, her body bent at a nearly 90 degree angle while her left foot extends high into the air. The fighter wears her iconic blue outfit based on the traditional Chinese qipao with yellow piping and designs along with brown tights, white combat boots, and her trademark spiked bracelets. Not only does her intricately sculpted clothing move along with her body to create the illusion of motion, but also the ribbons tied around her “ox horns” hairstyle. The sculpted and painted details on Chun Li’s outfit and lithe musculature is perfect, a perfect representation of the high quality you’ve come to expect from Kotobukiya. Even the fighter’s face, smoothly combining the intense focus of the moment with traditional Bishoujo beauty, is captivating and eye-catching.

Chun Li stands nearly 8 inches tall (1/7 scale) on a specially designed display base. Instantly recognizable in your collection, the fighter looks great next to other Bishoujo statues including more upcoming Street Fighter members like Cammy!

Chun Li Street Fighter Bishoujo Figure


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