Take a trip to Arkham City with the Hot Toys Sixth Scale Batman

Did you go crazy over Arkham Knight? We sure did, and so naturally we can’t pass up an opportunity to go back in time to its predecessor, Arkham City! The single-player action-adventure game gets new life with the Hot Toys Batman: Arkham City Sixth Scale Game Series Batman.

A newly developed and masked head sculpt with interchangeable lower faces keeps the Dark Knight shrouded in mystery and dynamic at the same time. A highly detailed Batsuit and intricately designed weapons set this guy apart. Re-live the epic narrative and world designs of the wildly popular game from the comfort of your own Batcave.

Do you lift?

Do you lift?

Own the Iron Man II Movie Masterpiece Diecast Series Whiplash Mark II!

This new offering is like no other. Here’s the Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Diecast Series Sixth Scale Whiplash Mark II from the Iron Man 2 film experience. And if that title isn’t enough to floor you, wait until you get an eyeful of this 13-inch figure’s best features! The diecast format makes him more realistic than ever, especially considering that he’s designed in the likeness of actor Mickey Rourke as Whiplash Mark II.

An interchangeable helmeted head with LED light-up eyes as well as a distressed metallic exterior bring Whiplash to life. He comes complete with whip weapons that also boast LED light-up functions. The Whiplash Mark II is truly a feat of figure design, so go ahead and make him the centrepiece of your collection!

Now watch me Whiplash. Now watch me Nae Nae.

Now watch me Nae Nae. Now watch me Whiplash.

Re-live Avengers: Age of Ultron with the Movie Masterpiece Captain America

Keep basking in the awesomeness of Avengers: Age of Ultron with this Movie Masterpiece Captain America from Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys. Standing 12 inches tall, Steve Rogers is sturdy and powerful as the war veteran bent on bringing justice to humanity by helping defeat the malicious Ultron.

He looks just like actor Chris Evans with his new, helmeted head sculpt. A magnetic Captain America shield with retractable handles is the figurative icing on the cake. And as a bonus, this will prep your excitement for Captain America: Ciivil War, too!



Add Peekablue to your Masters of the Universe collection

Masters of the Universe aficionados and aficionadas are in for a treat with this one. We are stoked to introduce the Masters of the Universe Princess of Power Peekablue from Mattel, rendered in six inches like your other favorite MotU collectibles!

Her gorgeous peacock plumage makes her a skilled spy and magical princess who has the power to see in all directions. Whether she is joining She-Ra in the fight for justice or keeping tabs on the Horde, her magnificent colors are unmistakable.

Peekablue moon.

Peekablue moon.

McFarlane introduces three new figures with the Walking Dead series 7.5

Leap right into the AMC horror drama with this new wave of Walking Dead action figures! Seven complete series of toys based on the five-season-spanning TV show have been rolled out so far, and us collectors have snapped them up eagerly. Now, we’ve got something super exciting for those who have been patiently waiting — series 7.5 of Walking Dead figures by McFarlane!

Choose from the formidable small-town sheriff Woodbury Assault Rick Grimes, the menacingly disease-ravaged Flu Walker and the ready-for-anything Grave Digger Daryl. Or be a smart cookie and order all three together (shown below) and take advantage of our money-saving package deal. Go ahead, they don’t bite!

Three's company.

Three’s company.

Funko Pop presents the new Super Saiyan Goku — with a hidden surprise!

Now you, too, can get ever so closer to the advanced transformation known as Super Saiyan, but in mini format. This Funko Pop Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Goku packs a hidden and deadly punch — he glows in the dark! Check out those luminescent green eyes, adding an otherworldly glow to his already formidable power. (Now you have no reason to be afraid of the dark!)

Like all of your other favorite Pop figures, he stands 3.75 inches tall, the ideal size for shelf or office desk display. You can even snap him up as a special surprise for the Dragon Ball Z fans in your life.

I can see clearly now.

I can see clearly now.

NECA’s 8-Bit series rolls out the NES Godzilla!

Remember the good old days of NES? Life was so much simpler in 8-bit format. Satisfy your nostalgia craving with this NES Godzilla from NECA’s 8-Bit series, which has been a total hit with both seasoned collectors and casual fans alike. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of aficionados, we’re sure you’ll adore this frighteningly awesome Godzilla.

Standing eight inches tall, he comes in vibrant box packaging that shows him off in all of his menacing, scroll-screen glory. He’s perfect for display inside or out of the box, or for re-creating your favorite scenes from the legendary game. Don’t miss out on this guy!

Looks goals.

Looks goals.

Check out this Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Eddie from NECA

The fourth studio album by this iconic English heavy metal band is still making heads bang across the globe. So we think it’s pretty fitting that NECA has come out with this eight-inch Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Eddie from the album’s cover art.

Featuring realistic detail and special fabric clothing accoutrements (including a straitjacket!), Eddie is a macabre vision of grimness and gore. Rock out like it’s 1983 from the comfort of 2015!



#nofilter and #nomakeup: Sailor Moon Prop Replica Transforming Compact Deluxe Set

The legacy of everybody’s favorite teenage warriors of the solar system continues. Now, you can own a realistic piece of the eic anime with Banpresto’s Sailor Moon Prop Replica Transforming Compact Deluxe Set!

These five radiantly colored and meticulously designed compacts recall the accessories the Sailor Scouts used to bring justice to the intergalactic realm and eradicate the forces of evil. Even Tuxedo Mask would be jealous, because these clever compacts are just so darn awesome.

#nomakeup #nofilter

#nomakeup #nofilter

Get stoked on the DC Comics Blueline Edition Batman by Jim Lee, a Comic Con exclusive!

Korean American comic book artist Jim Lee’s work on such lauded DC Comics titles as Batman: Hush and Batman: For Tomorrow is definitely unforgettable. His name is an inevitable buzzword at North America’s biggest convention, and so if you didn’t make it out to San Diego this year, we’ve got something cool for you. After all, what better way to honor this icon than with a Comic Con exclusive?

The DC Comics Blueline Edition Batman by Jim Lee honors one artist’s legendary conception of the Dark Knight. He stands six inches tall and comes in packaging featuring drawings representing the artist’s trademark style. It’s a need-to-cop for any serious Batman or Jim Lee enthusiast.

Take it or Lee-ave it.

Take it or Lee-ave it.